Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

12. D.I.Y. Metal Plate On Insulating Handle – 1

Do – It – Yourself Projects 
For pupils, students, laboratories and physics 

Design, construction and drawings Radoje Jankovic. 

All dimensions in millimeters. 


Metal plate on insulating handle is used to perform experiments in electrostatics in charge, electron flow, the type of electricity, conductors and insulators, and many others. Appearance in axonometry of this plate can be seen in the drawings, in which are shown all the details and parts with dimensions of construction. 

The metal plate (2) is made of brass or aluminum measuring 100 x 60 x 1 mm. On it are drilled two holes towards the measures for securing the handle (1).

The handle for the board is made of Juvidur, plastics or tekstolite thickness of 4 mm to measure the drawing. Edge of the handle gently processing file. In the notched part of the drill the two holes that are used for fixing the metal plate. 

The plate (2), is fixed by the handle (1) with two screws.
Instead fixing of plate (2) by the handle (1) by means of screws can use a special glue for metal – plastic, thus no need to drill holes and use two screws, thus lowering the production cost of the device.

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12. D.I.Y. Metal Plate On Insulating Handle – 1