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Illustrated Beauty of Ecology and Environment – Natural winter mountain landscapes

Author: Radoje Jankovic

Photos of my friends ecologists and mountaineers, Snezana I Nenad Lazic

It is allowed to use photographs for educational purposes and to write scientific and professional papers and papers in the field of ecology, environment, geography, biology, etc., citing the sources thereof.

Ecology, Environment and Environmental Science, Geography, Biology, Nature, Animal and Plant World, Tourism…

In short..

Hills, mountains, forests, meadows, streams, waterfalls, springs, lakes, waterfalls, fantastic caves, views of villages, mountain ranges and peaks, forest paths, steep cliffs of unusual natural shapes, volcanic rocks and vertical canyons created by water during its course since millions of years, mountain slopes, river canyons, accessible and less accessible terrains of all types, forest roads, paths, paths, roads through meadows… all under snow, ice, frost, icy water in rivers, icy waterfalls and lakes…
All of these are natural landscapes photographed and documented by my friends nature lovers, mountains, ecologists, hikers and terrain connoisseurs from mid-December 2019 to January 11, 2020.

Fig. 1. Route of walking

Fig. 2. Route of wolking.

Images are more than clear to every ecologist, naturalist, geographer, biologist and layman. The pictures say it all.


The topographic maps clearly show the paths of movement.

Fig. 3.

Fig. 4.

11-12, January, 2020.

The story of a friend of mine who is cruising with her husband and their faithful dog, a beautiful, only 2 year old who never gets separated from them anywhere to go. This beautiful dog has become a legend of mountaineers and mountaineers, nowhere has it receded and tread rivers, rivers, streams, ponds, walked on the surface of ice and rolled in the snow.

Fig. 5.

Fig. 6.

Fig. 7.

Fig. 8.

Fig. 9.

Fig. 10.

Fig. 11.

Fig. 12.

These short winter days should be used and visit some places where in the summer months we mostly fly by and pay no attention to them, rushing to some more distant places, peaks, waterfalls. One such place is our splendid canyon of the Temstica River, known as Serbian Colorado.

From Temska village through 8km canyon, the road leads to the villages of Zaskovci and Topli Do. For a couple of years the road is in poor condition and it is risky for the vehicle to pass and fly let alone now in winter when covered with snow and ice. A little carelessness and you fly into the river ..
Now there is no snow but there is ice in places especially in the morning. So it is safer to walk on foot while enjoying the beauty of the canyon and seeing all those places you don’t see driving. Admittedly, as slopes and pedestrians often occur, it can be risky, but we’re not that big of a buck.

Fig. 13.

Fig. 14.

Fig. 15.

Fig. 16.

Fig. 17.

Fig. 18.

Fig. 19.

Fig. 20.

Fig. 21.

Fig. 22.

Fig. 23.

Fig. 24.

Fig. 25.

Fig. 26.

Fig. 27.

Fig. 28.

Fig. 29.

Fig. 30.

Many times we went biking but less on foot. Unlike yesterday’s Dojkinacka river, the temple is richer in water and is not frozen until, from the Toplodolska estuary, it is covered with ice in places. Step by step, we reach the Dead Bridge and continue towards Ogorelica, and later descend to the river and the place where the real Dead Bridge used to be.

Ogorelica is a place with a large spring and a waterfall visited by many people during the summer months seeking salvation from the summer heat and downstream of the spring there are great jacuzzi tubs as well as smooth stones ideal for lying. We look at the charcoal and the source up the road and then go to a sharp bend, a belt and a cross on the side of the road. From this place it goes down to the source, but because of the snow and ice we still do not go down because it is steep and slippery. Upstream on the other side of the river is one cave that we have been looking at for a long time, but even now it cannot be reached. I come down to the river, they come up against me, but I can’t cross the river, it’s summer, so I’m going to run over, but I don’t like ice … They would also get to Warm Down on foot as we started, but the day was getting shorter, so it all needs to be backwards.

Fig. 31.

Fig. 32.

Fig. 33.

Fig. 34.

Fig. 35.

Fig. 36.

Fig. 37.

Fig. 38.

Fig. 39.

Fig. 40.

Fig. 41.

Fig. 42.

Fig. 43.

Fig. 44.

Fig. 45.

Fig. 46.

Fig. 47. Canyon of the river Temsica

Fig. 48.

Fig. 49.

Fig. 50.

Fig. 51.

Fig. 52.

Fig. 53.

Fig. 54.

Fig. 55.

Fig. 56.

Somewhere at the confluence of Toplodolska and Visocica on the rocks I noticed something moving. I thought at first glance it was a hunting lodge because the shots were heard several times along the canyon but when I looked better it was deer. It probably went down into the water and disappeared down the canyon. We also saw a large creature in Temštica, a trout of 10kg. as Nenad says or otters if there are any here I don’t know. Although the sun did not appear all day, this was a wonderful walk in the end, spiced up with another run of deer in front of the car. He ran across the road and bounced into the woods ….
So we went back to the city full of smoke and smog!

Fig. 57.

Fig. 58.

Fig. 59.

Fig. 60.

Fig. 61.

Fig. 63.

Fig. 64.

Fig. 65.

Fig. 66.

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Illustrated Beauty of Ecology and Environment – Natural winter mountain landscapes