Published On: Wed, Mar 4th, 2020

Electric charges, Particles & Electric forces

Author: Radoje Jankovic

  1. Basic values of elementary particles


Electric charge of electron

Mass of electron

Ratio of electric charge and the mass of electron

Energy equivalent of electron

Number of electrons to passing the  current of 1 A

Or number of electrons in 1 C

Kinetic energy of accelerated electron under velocity (v in m/s)

Relativistic mass of electron moving with velocity (v in m/s)

Output work of the electron

Temperature potential of the electron


T – absolute temperature (K)

Boltzman constant (J/s)

The speed of emitted electron at temperature T

Relativistic speed of electron during the acceleration under the voltage U

Acting force on electron in the electric field E (V/m)


Electric charge of proton

Mass of proton

Ratio of electric charge and mass of proton

Equivalent energy of proton

Mass ratio of proton and electron

Mass ratio of electron and proton

c) The unit for electric charge

The SI unit for electric charge is one coulomb (1 C).

eo – elementary charge.

Smaller units of 1 C are:

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Electric charges, Particles & Electric forces