Exam Questions in Electrical Engineering; time-varying electrical currents

Radoje Jankovic, borrowed these questions from a friend. I already posted a lot of my original questions a few years ago with and without answers. 1. The condition under which the laws of Kirhof apply. 2. The influence of the shape of the conductors to which the elements are interconnected to the current strength in the branches at time varying More...

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Illustrated Mixed Problems in Electrical Engineering

Author: Radoje Jankovic 1. Does the phasor diagram in Fig. 1. corresponds to the wave diagram in Fig. 2? Yes or No? Fig. 1. Fig. 2. 2. The figure below shows a section from the street plan of a More...

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163 years NIKOLA TESLA

Photo credit: “Српска Школа” Канада, “Serbian School” Canada The photos everything talking.  More...

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THE FATHER OF WHOLE  WORLD COMMUNICATIONS TODAY’S.   Edited by Radoje Jankovic July 10. 1856. July 10. 2019.   Friends Electricians, electronics, computer, machinist, technicians, More...

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Effective complex values of AC current

Drawings and calculations by Radoje Jankovic  More...