Examples of graphic symbols in practice

Author: Radoje Jankovic Examples of graphic symbols in practice Rotating power slip rings Three-line graphical symbol (a) and single-line scheme (b) of rotating sliding rings or power slip-rings. The number of sliding rings in one assembly ranges from 3 and even more than 20. Three photos show this device in practice. Drawing and photographs: More...

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Sensors – 2

Edited by: Radoje Jankovic Humidity sensor, Borrowed photo. LIST OF ALL SENSORS BY GROUPS (A) Acoustic, sound, vibration 1. Geophone 2. Hydrophone 3. Lace Sensor a guitar pickup 4. Microphone (B) More...

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Coils, Calculation the active (ohmic) resistance of coil

Author: Radoje Jankovic For the given dimensions of this or similar coil we need to calculate the resistance of coil. Here are: dw – diameter of wire without insulation, in mm. dm – average diameter More...