FR Drives – Practical Electrical Schemes

Cabinet-installed diode supply units of electric motor drives with frequency regulators Diodne napajačke jedinice ormanskog tipa za elektromotorne pogone sa frekventnim regulatorima Drawing and text of author Radoje Jankovic. U ovoj seriji šema frekvencijom regulisanih elektromotornih pogona pokušaću da prikažem jasne šeme energetskih More...

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Fizika za sve kroz pesme… Fizika u pjesmi – prvi dio

Autor: Jojić Milivoje Za ovu svrhu prilagodio Radoje Janković English below Serbian language – partial. 1. NIKOLI TESLI Sveta dušo medju učenima, blistao si svjetlošću istine, razgrćući More...

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Ecological and Environmental Story in 4 picture

Edited by Radoje Jankovic Photos: Aleksandar Jovic, 22.04.2020. Ecological and Environmental Story in 4 picture Story in 4 photos of our reality nowdays. For all students, practicioners, experts, professors More...

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Contemporary electrical installations and electric drives on steel structures – Illustrated

Author: Radoje Jankovic All photos are original of author Contemporary electrical installations and electric drives on steel structures – Illustrated In modern surface exploatation lignite in large More...

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More test questions illustrated

Author: Radoje Jankovic. All photographs are Jankovic’s In this article I will presenting more illustrated test questions from practice. It is known that in the educational books, textbooks there More...

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Logic Circuits With Classical Switching Elements

Author: Radoje Jankovic AND  circuit with mechanical single-pole switches The AND circuit in figure below is an extension of the ON/OFF switch, with several single-pole manual switches connected in series. More...

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Basic Cartridge Heaters

Author: Radoje Jankovic Cartridge heaters Cartridge heaters are designed to heat machines and tools in places where it is necessary to use small size heaters. It is divided into two units: low and high More...

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Pipe Electric Heaters

Author: Radoje Jankovic Pipe electric heaters Pipe heaters are installed in a wide variety of machines and appliances in industry and in the home. Here are just a few of the main ones: water heaters, More...

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Examples of Standard Graphical Symbols in the Practice

Author: Radoje Jankovic Here I showing the graphical electrical symbols from practice useful for everyone of us. These symbols are in accordance with IEC standards. IMPORTANT NOTES: In your work and More...

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Mixed Test Questions

Author: Radoje Jankovic Test question #1. A two – port network is a network which has two input and two output terminals. A. Yes B. No. Test question #2. A two – port network, may also More...