Published On: Fri, Jul 5th, 2019

Basic principle of hydro electric power plant

Author: Radoje Jankovic

Here are presented some basic diagrams of hydro electric power plants.

Latter will be detailed edited.

The principle of generator power (Pg) calculation in a hydro electric power plant with Francis turbine.

Developed power of turbine,
Ppt = Q x h in kW
where: Q – flowing water quantity,
h – height

Turbine power:
Pt = etha.t x Ppt in kW.

Available power :
Po = ehta,0 x Pt. in kW

The power of generator:
Pg = etha,g x Po. in kW

Second way of calculation:
Use total ehta,tot:
etha,tot = etha,t x etha,0 x etha,g
then, useful power of hydro generator is:
P = etha,tot x Ppt. in kW
Kaplan turbine small hydro electric power plant.
Later will be given practical example of calculation details.

Typical transmission of electrical energy from the hydro electric power plant to various consumers.

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Basic principle of hydro electric power plant