Published On: Mon, Jul 29th, 2019

Arrangement of Electrical Devices in the Practice

Author: Radoje Jankovic.

Photo from my friend.

Arrangement of electrical equipment in the distribution boards, control box, and cabinets for automatic controls, or automatisation.

This figure shows the proper arrangement of circuit breakers, contactors with overload relays, thermal overload protection.

Normal should all electrical components of in- in electrical cabinets of any purpose to each other are separated by at least half of its width and vertically over the whole length or a little less, just as you see it in this picture.

This is the basic rule when installing electrical devices and equipment. The reason for this is the possibility of free access to each component separately.

Many of today’s manufacturers of distribution, installation cabinets and cabinets for automation especially complex, do not respect these rules. Thus there is a problem with maintenance, replacement of worn parts …. all piled in a heap as the packages for delivery of parts from the manufacturer.

Also, manufacturers ignored or forgotten that each electrical component in the course of work more or less heated, but the temperature is transferred from one to the other, leading to overheating and malfunction of equipment and often even to ignite the fire in the electrical cabinets which says a great pity and great damage occurring, which may cause the total destruction of the entire cabinet with the equipment.

Manufacturers doing this deliberately to save on the size of the distribution box, and in doing so, they help a lot and designers who do not pay attention to technical regulations and standards that provide for the necessary distance between each electrical and electronic components and devices.

In a word it’s crowded that it can not be more and not transparent, especially in wiring …. 
This problem can be a lot to write. No, there will be time.

Properly arranged and wired electrical components in one switchboard or control board or MCC.

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Arrangement of Electrical Devices in the Practice