Published On: Wed, Jul 31st, 2019

Basic Cartridge Heaters

Author: Radoje Jankovic

Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are designed to heat machines and tools in places where it is necessary to use small size heaters. It is divided into two units: low and high performance cartridge heaters.

Low-efficiency cartridge heaters are used in places where the operating temperature does not exceed 300⁰C, and where the surface load of the heater does not exceed 5 W / Cm².

The heating element support is a ceramic support made of cordierite (2MgO.2Al2O3.5SiO2) that is temperature resistant.

The heating coil is made of AlCr or NiCr alloy or other resistant material in the form of wire.

The protective tube is made of stainless steel and the quality of the pipe in ASI 304 or 321 parity is most commonly used, but also according to other customer requirements.

Standard dimensions are in diameter: 6.0 ; 8.0; 10; 12; 14; 16; mm ……, of various lengths. These heaters are also made according to the special requirements of the customer or user.

High performance cartridge heaters are used in places where the operating temperature is higher than 300⁰C and where there is no possibility of installing more heaters.

The heater mount is MgO ceramic resistant to high temperatures.

The heating coil is made of NiCr 8020 wire-shaped alloy or some other alloy.

In future article will be presented some of characteristics of this type of heater and more…

Typical construction of cartridge heater

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Basic Cartridge Heaters