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Distribution and Control Panels and Boards – Practice

Author: Radoje Jankovic

Work and photos of my friend.


In this paper, a very good and practical way is shown almost complete process of making a low-voltage distribution cabinet to the electricity project provided electrical design engineer for the purposes of an object.

Fig. 1. Empty box for a electrical panel

Fig. 2. Arrangement of electrical components in the chassis of a board.

Fig. 3. Process of wiring…

Fig. 4. Wiring process…

These types of cabinets assembled by qualified electrical technical experts with more experience, who must be familiar with electrical components, parts and appliances, reading schematics, correct half the Spirits wires to connect and what is most important to properly connect all the components in the closet, so that when the cabinet placed on the test table and connected to the voltage needs to function properly and only then is delivered to the Purchaser.

Fig. 5. Wiring process too…

Fig. 6. More of work…

Fig. 7. Arrangement of parts …

At the construction site, the cabinet is mounted in the proper place was on the stand or on the wall, to which the cables coming from the electrical installation and the same are introduced into the cabinet through the cable editorials appropriate diameter according to the cable diameter. When the cables are drawn into the closet, access to removing insulation from cables to length, the conductors of the cables are aesthetically arrange ie. formed and connected to the terminal blocks, which are usually at the bottom of a closet at once, and on the upper side of the closet. The main power cable usually goes to the fuses or directly on the main circuit breaker cabinet. With the main circuit breaker conductors as a rule, go to the bus and the bus is separate copies for each consumer, lighting, power control voltage, and other needs. As a rule, still in the closet a few leaves of three-phase copy for backup in case of future extensions of the installation.

Fig. 8. Excellent work.

No reference. Reference from practice.

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Distribution and Control Panels and Boards – Practice