Serbian Flagscolor

Radoje Jankovic

I am collected these spectacular pictures from internet for purpose to popularization THE MAN OF THIRD CENTURY.

Thank you Canada

In appreciation of the great inventor, Nikola Tesla. Niagara Falls last night was illuminated in the colours of Serbia to mark Serbian Freedom Day February 15, 1835

On the National Day of Serbia, the 15th February, Niagara Falls in Canada was illuminated in the colors of the Serbian tricolor flag. 

I told my uncle,

“Some day I’m going to America and I will run a big wheel at Niagara Falls.”

I had read about Niagara Falls and it fascinated me.

My uncle didn’t take it seriously.

“You’ll never see Niagara Falls,”

he told me.

“But I did come to America, and I did put a big wheel in Niagara Falls.” #NikolaTesla

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