Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Solved practical problem

Author: Radoje Jankovic

Practical problem.

What this handy electrical scheme show, see Fig. 1. ?

Fig. 1. Dovod UPS napona 230 VAC iz… = UPS 230 VAC coming from…; UPS napon 24 VDC za razvod = 24 VDC feeders

The answer:

This practical scheme shows a typical scheme of obtaining a 24 V DC from 230 V AC voltage from a single UPS.

The diagram shows only two of several possible 24 V DC feeders for different needs, such as: supplying PLCs, I /O node modules, signaling, output activation relays, etc.

You give another example!

All circuit breakers as shown in the diagram have auxiliary contacts whose signals go to the PLC inputs and are intended to e.g. An operator or an on-duty electrician can immediately see where a “malfunction” is … which lets him know where to intervene.

Also, the failure of an “element” that is powered by 24 V, of course if this element has a contact whose signal goes to the PLC, etc.

As can be seen the rectifier is “grounded” to the main protective PE line or bus.

Also, for more 24 V consumers, two such power supplies can be connected in parallel to power eg DI modules, AI modules, PLC cabinet, signaling, encoders, various encoders, emergency switches, sensors, etc.

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Solved practical problem