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ECOLOGY OF MAN LIFE – The New Branch, Part 1.


Authors: Radoje Jankovic, Lazarevac, Srbija.

               Biljana Banovic, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska (BiH)

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Radoje – Rade Jankovic in snow and temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius. The picture was taken on the surface of a lignite coal mine when I was filming mining machinery, mostly electrical equipment and machines in winter conditions of exploitation. Nature is my religion and the earth is my church.
A beautiful photograph of Mrs. Biljana Banovic, my collaborator on the development of a new branch of ECOLOGY, is in its element on her property even in winter. Here it is on its composter, in which pure fertilizer is created for fertilizing gardens, vegetable gardens and even fields, why not. Everything is naturally and environmentally unpolluted. Nature is my religion and the earth is my church.

We are introducing a new branch of ecology:













In this extensive study, we elaborate, as much as possible and in detail, this new branch of ecology and at the same time the part of the environment in which we live our daily lives and do jobs according to our knowledge, education and skills. Our ease is reflected in the fact that we are both long-term practitioners, and many things have been tested in practice and practical life, and we are especially literate and well-versed in the necessary knowledge and practice.

If we look a little deeper, this branch of ecology permeates every living person on our planet. Therefore, it would not be possible for a person to survive and live his life, as the only living being that has reason and consciousness in his brain, and especially the possibility and ability to think rationally.

Of course, we are aware that there are fellow experts in the field of ecology and the environment and some other areas, generally speaking, that in some parts they will not agree with the two of us. But we are the originators and progenitors of this new branch, a large area called ECOLOGY.

Because of all that, we invite all colleagues and experts from all over the world to get involved, but with our sincere knowledge, intentions and in accordance with our abilities, to process and expand this area in as much detail as possible. The life of all of us, wherever we are on this still beautiful planet called Earth, depends exclusively and exclusively on ourselves, people around the world in our countries. Of course, there are many (but a negligible number of them) who do not think about the worst mother Earth, but only look at their narrow, personal and interests how to make as much money as possible and gain as much wealth as possible that means nothing, but nothing, because to everyone we need, only a negligibly small piece of land, 2 meters long, <2 meters deep.

As part of this extensive study, we will present a multitude of practical things, practical case studies, case studies and illustrated with a large number of our original photographs and drawings that will come in handy to many of you to better understand the essence of this new branch of ecology. All practical examples are from our region with a continental climate. It is certain that you in other climatic regions (subtropical, tropical, polar…) in the world have similar examples that you do not pay attention to or did not want to pay enough attention to.

In the first two parts of this scientific study, we will present the basics of environment and ecology with many new definitions and detailed explanations of them, which will help you better understand the parts in which we deal with this new branch of ecology and introduce it in practice.

We must mention that there are many examples around the world that rely on some “new” methods without paying attention to the original things in nature and the environment in which they live such as hamlets, small or large villages, towns, towns, small or large cities, areas , regions, provinces… worldwide. These new methods require smaller or larger investments, some new things, and in fact these “designers” or “innovators” and “inventors” propagate their commercial projects that they have designed or remade existing ones in order to commercialize them (to earn more or less financial resources). and even enriched themselves on these projects), to be built or implemented in inappropriate or less appropriate places and even in inadequate climatic areas and regions.

If you already want to get involved in this new branch of ecology and environment, then be honest and study it on your original principles and way of life in your environment, and we will all complement each other and exchange ideas and practical knowledge.





I downloaded from the station “My Memories” with some thoughts about the beautiful past and the bad, no, empty present …
When you enter the whole house smells
In this way, all the viruses froze, only the smells and freshness remained.
Good old times…
Before, winter was hard to wait for, I think the children felt that way, some special joy and charm in the snow, they played outside and sledded, everyone forgot about time, no one complained about winter, water was brought from springs and wells, girls and the boys are waiting to pour water, but it was also a place where the youth could be seen and there was no phone to flirt.
It was not to go to cafes, it was healthier to live, hard but peaceful conscience and good people, today there is a big difference in everything, such is life there is no joy in it, before there was joy and health, strength and beauty. Peace is what recharges the batteries, it’s hard today. And I feel sorry for the youth, their childhood has long been frozen, lost and unexperienced in happiness and joy, that is the most painful.
   Clean and health beautiful village under snow. Nothing better than it. I downloaded this picture from my friend’s “My Memories” page.

I downloaded this picture from my friend’s “My Memories” page. The picture shows a part of a real ecologically clean and healthy host village with two households in the autumn period. Households are practically autonomous, they do not depend much on external influences or pollutants of any kind. As it is a hilly sluice, unpolluted streams and rivers with clean natural water flow through it. Also, these hosts have their Arter wells with clean drinking water that has been used for centuries. In some such villages, locals have built or are building their own micro or mini hydropower plants with a capacity of 2-5 kW + to provide electricity for their needs. Of course, the village hosts did not in any way disturb or damage the natural watercourses and especially polluted them, while many irresponsible people, eager only for profit, destroyed not only the riverbeds and rivers, but they also completely destroy a large part of the land and centuries-old forests, in a word they destroy the entire flora and fauna, and often leave the inhabitants without water in the rivers, especially since it is even worse than the biological minimum of water in the watercourse. Also on hilly streams and rivers that have beautiful natural waterfalls and cascades, the villagers build mills to grind grain and thus provide themselves and their families and friends with real natural bread flour and all kinds of sweet and savory pastries and flour products. If the villages and similar rural areas have enough wind, then the rural hosts, with the help of friends of craftsmen, build wind power plants with a power of 0.5 – 10 kW of electricity, do everything yourself according to the system. These wind farms have been operating for years without any breakdowns, supplying the people with electricity. Of course, to many like this,
Ecology of human life in practice. Thousands of sheep graze on a regular pasture without the need for shepherds to look after the sheep. In a healthy, environmentally unpolluted prior there is enough food for thousands and thousands of sheep, goats, cows and oxen, horses, pigs… There is also pure natural water for all livestock as you can see from the picture. NATURE IS THE MOTHER OF LIFE. HE GIVES EVERYONE HIS MADE TO MEASURE AND NOT ACCORDING TO THE GREEDINGNESS AND UNBEATABILITY OF SOME PEOPLE… I took the picture from the page “My native village is dear”


We will talk about the settings of the new branch of ecology in the next sequels of this extensive study and project

Where are we stuck?

Where did you stop in spiritual growth?


Man is part of a closed cycle that breathes.

Ecology is life.

Ecology is survival.

Ecology is a healthy natural life.

Ecology is a struggle for survival.

Ecology is a cruel struggle of nature for its survival.

It is not the savage who lives in the forest, but the one who destroys the forest.

It is not an animal that lives in the wild, but free.

A savage is one who takes away the freedom of others.

It is not wild nature, but a civilization that destroys itself and everything around it.


I consciously breathe and feel every emotion!

I am aware of my own majesty!

I am growing as a person and a collaborator with nature!

Plants amaze me with their ease of communication.

Plants do not recognize the sense of morality that separates us from the rest of the living world, because we have the opportunity to choose.

There are several postulates that will lead each person to their own gate of independence:

– Meet the resources!

– Learn every day, knowledge is power! Money is a delusion of power, a deception.

– Master all the skills, prepare firewood, light a fire, prepare food with your own hands, raise domestic animals for your diet, fix basic things, plant a plant, change the wheel on the car, mow the grass in the yard, plant your vegetables… JUST MASTER YOUR SKILLS!

– Keep your own seed because that’s what some people want to take away from you.

– Learn not to depend on anyone for food!

– Learn to live in harmony and only in harmony with nature! That is how you will survive and survive all the troubles, both natural and imposed by the evil man.

– Get rid of fear, do not condemn yourself to defeat, the power in you will surprise you.

– Believe in your own majesty, because it is enough just to really see yourself.

– Growing one’s own food is an imperative and the only real human revolt in relation to the industry of artificial, hybrid and GMO food.

– It does not depend on the industry, produce your own kilogram of healthy food!

If I can, so can you, so can everyone else and you have no excuse.


The ecology of human life and its complementary names, which we presented at the beginning, is a completely new scientific discipline. The ecology of human life studies the original relations between man and his environment, the natural living environment in all aspects.

One of the goals of the ecology of human life is to establish the disturbed balance of man with nature in the original sense of the word and with an emphasis on natural and naturally healthy life in close connection with nature.

The ecology of human life is based on primordial natural determinations, the most important of which is the research and practical application of the phenomenon of the natural environment and the phenomenon of natural human habitality in both micro and macro conditions. The orientation of the ecology of human life is aimed at researching the phenomenon of the natural environment and the phenomenon of natural habitat should be conditioned by:

– Content that includes a direct link between man and the natural environment and the natural environment – man,

– The specificity of the natural environment that directly surrounds man and on which that same man depends,

– By intensifying and maximizing the commitment of experts to the original principles of natural life and human survival…

The ecology of human life starts from fundamental positions, from the field of practice that is carried out in the relations and activities of man and the natural environment, starting from a real household in a rural living community that work, live and survive for centuries on their natural, primordial conditions. are modernized with new knowledge, and further to larger human communities. The most important thing is that these primitive human communities do not recognize any chemistry, artificial and unhealthy fertilizers, various chemical preparations and pesticides, and not to mention further. In this study, we have presented a large number of examples from many years of practice because we are both people from practice and we encounter this new branch of ecology every day, which we introduce into practice through this extensive study and scientific-practical work.

Here are just a few basic topics about the ecology of human life:

– Man,

– Health,

– Country,

– Air,

– Water,

– Food,

– Plants,

– The animals,

– Technology,

– Own organization, etc.

The ecology of human life therefore includes a detailed study of the practical structure and development of man, and with man and the population in a general sense, which is most closely related to nature and human health as the most important element of life. There is no need for any special adaptation of man here, because he has already been adapted, only a new improvement exclusively on natural and healthy principles.

Healthy and unpolluted nature is a condition of a healthy man and his survival in nature and nature itself.

THERE IS NO REASON FOR ANY COMPLAINT OR CRITICISM IN THE ECOLOGY OF HUMAN LIFE. In particular, there is no justification for artificially introducing some unnatural laws, as it seems in some of the existing branches of ecology.

On the other hand, the ecology of human life goes a step forward to respect the centuries-old natural relations of man and his and the working environment, social but natural processes and interactions in which these relations take place, puts man in the foreground as a naturally conscious and natural social being. Although it starts from the standpoint of healthy natural life and survival as the basic elements of every human being on this planet of ours.

For the aforementioned and many other reasons, in this our revolutionary study we have presented quite practical and richly illustrated with photographs of CASE STUDIES which support all our considerations and efforts to give goodness to humanity so that it can survive for many centuries to come. In these brief case studies, everything is so clear that there is no need for any greater degree of detail. Of course, these case studies of ours can be applied anywhere in any part of the world from the north to the south of our planet. Also, all our case studies can be adapted to all climatic conditions, and on the other hand, we also believe that there are millions of such and similar practical cases worldwide.

Below we will present a few examples from practice (for now we will not intentionally go thematically, there will be time later) from this branch of our ecology. There are millions and millions of such and similar examples in many countries around the world around this still beautiful planet Earth. (All photos are from our friends from fb. and ours original photos.)

In ecologically healthy villages, during snowy, frosty and cold winter days, housewives prepare breakfast from what they have. All home, of course, without a shred of chemistry, and I won’t say a word about the taste. Breakfast is accompanied by top quality homemade juices from many fruits, homemade brandy and wine, and after breakfast some sweet cake, cake, apple pie, duleka, cherries… Please note that this is the case in many parts of the world depending on climatic conditions. Every region or region or area in any part of the world has its original, original products for healthy and quality nutrition of the population.
In this picture we see wild strawberries of excellent quality, completely natural, grow in unpolluted forests… Wild strawberries are very high quality and tasty to eat raw, to prepare juices, jams, sweets, and even for drying. Photo from a friend from fb.
Mowing meadows during the summer to prepare hay for livestock during the winter. For domestic cattle such as cows, oxen, sheep, horses, goats, etc. quality nutrition is needed during the winter periods when there is no grazing in fields and meadows and when nature is wrapped in white snow. A photo from a friend.
Dried grass, hay is loaded on a special type of cart and transported to the hosts’ houses and put in haystacks as seen in the upper right corner of the picture. Photo from a friend.
When the cut grass in the meadows is dried in the sun, it is collected and transported to the houses and put in stacks – piles. Picture of a friend from fb.
In many mountainous and hilly villages where plowing tractors cannot come, cows, oxen and horses are used to plow the land for the production of various types of cereals, vegetables and other vegetable varieties for human consumption.
Domestic oxen used in agricultural production by rural hosts around the world must be watered with fresh and clean water after hard work. And for that, small and larger streams are ideal, so in rivers that are completely clean with clear water. The people say: “Where a horse drinks water, man can drink that water freely.”
Sheep and goats “civilly” follow the young owner to graze and when they are fed with pure natural grass in meadows or forests, they also return to their pens at home. Scenes like this can be seen around the world where today’s “civilization” has not destroyed natural and natural resources.
Domestic species of poultry have always been an excellent derivative of healthy meat and meat products in the diet of people around the world. One of the many types of chickens, a rooster and two chickens in a yard specially built for them by the village hosts.
A domestic hen that feeds on plants and grain food of domestic non-hybrid cereals, often knows how to find a place in the grass and lay their eggs in that place, so the housewife has to collect them. It is not uncommon for a chicken to hatch small chickens in the same place, which it then brings to the housewife’s yard.
A domestic chicken with its little chickens about a week old. The landlady, the housewife threw them leaves so that the little ones could peck and eat. So, they eat healthy natural food and not fattening industrially prepared and unhealthy food from factories to which various chemicals are added as food additives. Photo from a friend.
Here we see a domestic duck with young ducklings about 7 days old, in the grassy yard of the host. Photo from a friend.
The highest quality meat. Domestic pig raised on domestic food for pigs and cattle without any chemicals, roasted on a spit. I won’t say anything about the taste, the picture says enough. I used to nibble on a freshly roasted pig or lamb on a spit like this, as well as many in many villages that still do that today. The roasting taste of fattened pigs and lambs is zero compared to the taste of the meat of this domestic pig or lamb.
This is what a set and arranged table with home-made food prepared by the hardworking hands of village housewives looks like. Food tables in many “high” category hotels cannot be approached and cannot be compared to such a table with healthy and high-quality home-made, natural food without any additives or chemicals. All over the world, nations have top-quality, home-made healthy food that they prepare in their own way. THIS IS THE ECOLOGY OF HUMAN HEALTHY LIFE. Photo from a friend.

This is how she makes and bakes real, home-made bread with her own hands, an old village housewife without any additives for “improvement”. When you try this bread, you will never buy bread from industrial bakeries. In my village, a lot of home-made bread is baked today, which people say is “soul of bread” when you eat it. And if you break off a piece of hot bread, put ripe homemade cream or cheese, to eat and not know what is enough. In a similar or other way, women and housewives around the world do the same. IT IS THE ECOLOGY OF HEALTHY LIVING.

A young girl in her field in the village, met a snake and without any fear caught it, hung out with her for a while and then let her go her way over them. Many children aged 2 and over socialize with both domestic and wild animals, insects, reptiles without any fear. Photo from a friend from fb.

Bees as a very important and useful insect, in addition to pollinating orchards and plants during flowering, produce a whole range of their products, of which bee honey is better known. Here we see how the bees on the branch of a tree in nature made honeycombs themselves and filled it with honey which they collect from blossoming meadows and plants in nature. It is clear here that this is an ecologically completely preserved mountain landscape. Of course, bees make honeycombs in many other places in nature, even in tree hollows. You must have seen in the photos where bears extract delicious honey from the hollows of trees and bees fly around them… Photo from a friend from fb.

This picture (from a fb. firend) shows ecologically healthy rugs for floors and other purposes woven by the diligent hands of housewives. The material is natural and from “old” worn-out household items. There are no synthetics here.

Look at the beauty, and I won’t even talk about the quality of this homemade milk that the housewife just milked the cows and squeezes it to cook it. Milk from healthy, dairy cows or sheep, and not from hybrid cows that, poor people, “give” 50 L + of milk by force, thanks to an irresponsible man who pecks them with chemical food to give as much milk as possible, the quality of which is in great question. From this milk, high-quality homemade cheese, homemade cream and homemade butter are obtained without a shred of unwanted chemical additives or some “enhancers” of taste or “quality”. Photo of fb. a friend.

Harvesting domestic corn for human and animal nutrition in the classic way. Domestic varieties of corn that are much, much better than many hybrid varieties. Photo from a friend, fb.

C.S. 1. Weaving to be I !

Biljana Banovic, Case study

We ventilate the rooms every morning, but we forget to ventilate ourselves. It is very important, even more important than the air around you, to ventilate your thoughts, emotions, virtues, flaws, skills …

Sometimes I am unaware of how much stronger I can be than Archimedes, and longer than Tantalus! Human perfection is precisely that zero of which plus and minus are infinite. Infinity is certainly guaranteed.

I have dedicated my time to searching for the beginning of everything, especially human ruin. I believe that if I find the source, I will turn the flow of time in the direction that this planet needs.

The cultivation I promote is not just about soil conversion.

How we only have meaningless words for an essential return!

Growing up is a change that is reflected in my hair, eyes (I bet they are darker now than after birth, more shiny), reflected in body movements, muscles above all, thoughts (of course), calmness (I look for him, and I still need that “gray beard”), it is reflected in the liver because the heart is exactly in that place. And only in the eyes!

Biljana’s products, fews of more than 2300 sorts vegetables and fruits…

I see expanses through people! I don’t see people, I feel them, but the spaces I see through them make their bodies insignificant. You have the space of the universe in you when you are not aware, each of you, each in you.

I have abstracted my life and I am grateful to plants for that. I am a walking abstract art of living because that is how I choose, and that is how I see it. I discarded all unnecessary needs, my clothes were reduced to comfort. I cleaned the closets of uncomfortable sets and high heels, reduced my hair to a length that never bothers and does not ask for other people’s hands, my shoes are “six miles at once”, I have no desire to travel because my village is “the whole world and all its beauties” ” in one. I abstracted my life by freeing it with unnecessary quests, tweaks, long and meaningless conversations. I can’t drink coffee with kind chats because my thoughts always wander to some new variety. Only then, when talking about plants, do people attract my attention. You can talk to me for hours and make me nod virtuously.

I know, a tough woman with even heavier thoughts.

I came to my village as a tree looking for fertile land for its roots, and I found the real black, life-giving one, and the people who water the tree because they think that sin is different. I was not born there, but I will spend my life there. Who would have thought that my cradle had always been under that mountain waiting for me to rock it.

I am an abstraction-woman and I only want to be a weaver. To pick the seeds and lower them into the ground all my life, to smell the earth while I sleep, to wash away the heavy fatigue while my tired eyes close, but my eyes are full of greenery, full of scenes.

I am a child of the city, the gene of farmers, fruit growers, vegetable growers has been awakened in me. The dormant farmer who skipped many generations to wake up in me is awakened in me.

I only wish you that awakening because it will solve all your problems. Growing your own food is the only act of resistance, the only way to fight for your own freedom, to become the owner of your own life. Weaving to be you, that’s what I want for you. Weaving to create as a gift to Heaven, from seeds woven on the ground.

Weaving to be, for the rest of my life and then again.

C.S. 2. Genealogy of my ideas

Biljana Banovic Case Study

“It’s not worth fighting if you have to quarrel with half the world!

Try to say with a smile – Damn, what are you doing in the forest? “- Mahatma Gandhi

Why do I choose nature over concrete?

Nature remembers that they are little and nicely related.

Nature does not destroy the space that feeds it.

She left the sky with stars, dawns, twilights, sunsets.

It does not transcend its own framework and is perceptible in all its infinity.

What is always within the reach of the human eye, read souls.

Which is the starting point of all routes and departures as well as arrivals. Mine!

Nature will never be reborn from itself.

It keeps the soul in the embrace of greenery. He guards the man! Everyone will be!

She is the restorer of my strength and philanthropy.

It brings me back to the body, yes to the body.

Nature respects the cycles of the seasons, grows in winter and is lean in summer. So one would have to allow oneself.

Nature keeps slowness and thus keeps Eternity from transience.

It doesn’t grow until it shoots, it never shoots. She is modest!

Nature does not spoil in space and time by swallowing landscapes and perspectives.

That the song of crickets is so loud in it that it wakes up.

She didn’t push people into the walls, there are none.

He asks me a lot but gives back too much.

That I live and breathe in it, a technique that awakens the senses.

As I touch her I am able to love people, she tells me how important it is.

I see nature, I only really see it.

Do you have a genealogy of ideas? It is important for your decisions!

C.S. 3. Introduction to the motivational ecology of human life in harmony with nature Biljana Banovic

“Eyes are not a mirror of the soul, but its mirror windows: through them she sees the street, but the street sees the soul” – Klucevski

They taught us to look at ourselves through ready-made numbers. We stand in front of the mirror and do not see ourselves but the number. We are not beautiful enough, not ugly enough because we are only looking for THAT NUMBER around us. Well, I’m just wondering where that human beauty is. What is he hiding in? As a human-like Plant, looking at the world from the perspective of the sophisticated immobility of a Plant, completely blind to the aesthetics of man, I remain questioned about the CONFECTIONARY NUMBER.

Is there beauty in the eyes, cheekbones, neck, mammary glands, waist, gluteal muscles? Are the measures and proportions of the same crucial for those famous titles: BEAUTIFUL AND UGLY? Is the hairstyle crucial? Eyelashes? HOD, yes, HOD? Here, I, blinded by human aesthetics, do not know how to judge.

Biljana in the Her handmade garden. Long time practice in the ecologically and natural healthy gardening.

I only know what I see. It’s just the eyes. But not the eyes as a part of the body but the entrance to the interior. Although here Plato mixes with his “beauty in the eye of the beholder” so many times planed by human hands, I do not think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She’s in the liver. Deep in the cells. And the beauty of the liver is seen. It erupts through the skin.

Beauty is the interior, woven of verses, made of stars. Every man was born with his own constellation carved on his skin. Beauty is the thoughts that erupt through that same liver. Because, the liver suffers everything, falls, ups, bad habits, ugly words, sadness (it can only endure sadness), insults … I see the beauty of your liver through my eyes.

Therefore, the beauties are:

– healthy thoughts

– healthy decisions

– healthy attitude towards nature

– healthy attitude towards people

– a healthy attitude towards oneself.

Definition of the word HEALTHY after the Plant Trail and now new areas in ecology; THE ECOLOGY OF HUMAN LIFE that we are developing in this basic practical-theoretical-scientific work and study of ours: do not disturb harmony with nature and never act the way you do not want someone to treat you. Then there is no mistake.

Be “happy and fat” but have a healthy attitude that you are beautiful just like that in the mirror.

Nothing better than looking selfhand made garden mixed with vegetables and flowering plants.

Are you weird when I say that your eyes give off a beautiful glow to your kidneys? It’s not for me, that’s how I see people. Through the epithelium.

When it comes to the liver, Peking cabbage is medicinal, it preserves it.

“You have to go to the end of the world and find dew on the grass, I wake it up because of distant things that look like these here, because of people walking down the street without foreheads and names.” – Miljkovic

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ECOLOGY OF MAN LIFE – The New Branch, Part 1.