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Do you know that when the source of electricity is consumed, this remains?

Photographed and written by Radoje Jankovic



The surface mine field “Veliki Crljeni” ended its “life” – exploitation life several years ago, after the catastrophic floods in 2014 that hit Serbia, especially the surface mines of the Mining Basin “Kolubara” in Lazarevac, Lajkovac and Uba.

It can be freely said that it was a great ecological natural disaster that struck similar objects once in maybe 1000 years.

However, the consequences of that natural ecological catastrophe have been eliminated and the very complex process of surface exploitation of lignite coal has been renewed thanks to the superhuman efforts of several thousand miners and other workers, because the state of Serbia needed dry electricity for its functioning.

The state of Serbia needs electricity, which is normal everywhere in the world.

As a rule, according to all laws and regulations, both domestic and international, the state of Serbia is also obliged to oblige all exploited areas (for now almost 30 and a few square kilometers, mostly in the municipality of  Lazarevac and then Lajkovac and today in Uba) by surface coal mining.

These few pictures from the “cemetery” of the surface mine “Veliki Crljeni” do not prove or confirm that. On the contrary! It seems that our state – not the state, but the government, the government and responsible institutions that are obliged to respect the regulations, is not interested in that. It is important to produce electricity.

These few pictures illustrate the negligence of the state authorities and the administration about the post-charcoal era of areas where mass surface exploitation of coal and other mineral raw materials is carried out. These are not only our three or four municipalities in Kolubara, but also other regions in Serbia where surface exploitation of coal and mineral raw materials is carried out, such as the region of Pozarevac, Bor, Majdanpek, Kosovo and Metohija and many smaller ones where exploitation takes place. stone, lime, “cement”, lead, zinc, etc.

These are the most drastic ecological, physically destroyed areas, especially with major environmental problems and impacts on the environment and the people living in those areas.

In this “cemetery” of the former mine, you can see from these few pictures, maybe several thousand tons of various materials, parts, plants, constructions, most of which are iron and rubber due to the process of coal exploitation.

All this remained as it is and I think that no one alive knows whether and when these surfaces will be “cleaned” …

Also, according to the miners’ colleagues, significant quantities of very high-quality lignite coal remained at this mine, which will surely “fail”.

It is lucky that Kombinat “Kolubara” in agreement with the state administration to give interested citizens to exploit the remaining quantities of coal that have already been discovered, to employ themselves and their families and earn a living and that the state collects much needed tax from extracting these remaining quantities , for the exploitation of minor, but for the individual production of very large and profitable in any case.

Friends, colleagues and peoples around the world, don’t worry about anything, nothing is better with you either, even with some of them it could be worse with great catastrophic consequences. These catastrophic consequences are the result of the negligence of foreign exploiters who exploit your all kinds of natural resources. I know what those resources are, but I will not say anything about it, because you probably know that much better and you are witnessing everyday events of many years in your, of course, very beautiful countries on all meridians of the world.

Did you know that when a source of electricity is consumed there is no more electricity. 

This is the biggest problem for the rich because they do not know how to live without electricity. 

They would very quickly be 2 meters underground because they are very voracious. 

The poorer and less poorer can live more or less well and well without electricity, because they know how to live. 

They are not greedy. 

They know that they live in harmony with nature and that they take only as much from nature as is enough for a good and healthy life.

The original photos are very clear and very illustrative. No needs words. The photos all speaking, speaking… 

Photographed by: Radoje-Rade Janković.


No reference. This is original author’s work.

As you can see, NASA’s  and NOAA’s meteorological satellite GOES-18 recorded this, our still beautiful blue planet. Shall we save it? It does not depend on us, us ordinary people and ordinary people. It doesn’t even depend on real experts of all profiles and professions, of which there are many around the world. It depends on others, those who create politics and “politics” around the world. I think we all understand.
Kao što vidite NASA и NOAA-in meterološki satelit GOES-18 snimili su ovu našu, još uvek lepu plavu planetu. Hoćemo li je sačuvati? To ne zavisi od nas, nas običnih ljudi i običnog naroda. Pa čak ne zavisi ni od pravih pravcatih stručnjaka svih profila i profesija kojih ima dosta širom sveta. To zavisi od drugih, onih koji kreiraju politiku i “politiku” širom sveta. Mislim da nam je svima jasno.
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Original work.

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Do you know that when the source of electricity is consumed, this remains?