Tool for electrical work

Write by Radoje Jankovic

Always keep this in mind

Without tools there is nothing to know, and without knowledge even the best tools will not help!

Good knowledge is useless without experience, so experience is also important!

Who knows that he does not know – teach him,

who doesn’t know to know – remind him,

who knows knows – follow him…

Who doesn’t know that he doesn’t know – run away from him!!!

Before tools, you need knowledge, and if you have knowledge, then you will know what tools you need.

So never waste money on tools if you don’t know what you need for any electrical job you’re doing.

A quality tool from a good manufacturer is very important, not for quality but for your safety.

The tool must be certified.

If you think that you are professionally engaged in the work of strong electricity, then, first of all, training and then everything else that follows.

After working with the tool on dirty jobs, it is necessary to pay special attention to the proper maintenance of the tool and that the tool is in good condition at all times.

What nobody can pay you for is when you are in the middle of work and the tool betrays you. Then you’re done…


Today, the market is flooded with “clones” of well-known companies that produce tools, so it is very important to open four pairs of eyes when buying tools.

Once the barley; the situation with tools on the market is catastrophic, almost manual.

When you decide to buy a tool from a world-renowned manufacturer or some other professional tool, you need to familiarize yourself with all models and types, either through official websites, and familiarize yourself with the markings and appearance and everything else, and only then go shopping, i.e. procurement.

The situation with professional tools is very simple. You can find an authorized representative or distributor on the Internet. You call that distributor and ask where you can buy the tool, i.e. in which retail store, and tell him nicely that you are afraid to spend money on something that is a copy,… they will all direct you to stores they cooperate with and for which they themselves can they guarantee that they don’t mess around with copies,… and copies of those tools are mostly sold by all fraudsters and resellers at flea markets and at more than reasonable prices, so people are usually screwed because the price confuses their minds,… the biggest scams with tools are literally on the Internet, where tools that are copies are sold on what kind of sites.

There are two sides to the story of buying a new tool:

1. The purchase of tools through Internet sites for bidding, advertisements, already by the very method of trade has grounds for suspicious trade, but it is not certainly 100% the case, but it has grounds, by the very method of sale (just as it is the case with robots and consumer products), without a fiscal account, and in connection with that, without a valid guarantee.

That’s why it’s important to spend a little time on searching and nerves – which not everyone who wants to seriously and professionally deal with this beautiful electrical work of any kind has.

Sometimes the difference between the copy and the original is not noticeable at first glance.

2. Buying tools through online stores, and those serious and more well-known and present on the market, often guarantees the origin of the goods, of course, on the condition that with the purchase you also receive a fiscal invoice and a guarantee in your name (name of the buyer), and this is the basic thing that you should check if you hear that you are buying a tool online.

As for the prices that vary, we need to clarify a little, the reason is quite simple, all brands have several hundred models of tools that it is impossible for any store to keep in stock. Big brand houses do not have their own stores in our country, but usually only warehouses, and all sales are made through distributors. All major brands publish their catalogs with recommended prices, and in most stores the price does not even change compared to the recommended price. There are positives and negatives when selling online.

The negative thing, and aggravating for those who buy a tool that they have not had contact with or worked with, is that you can only see that tool in pictures and read the characteristics from the description, and the feeling when you hold the tool with your hands is missing, so a greater dose of imagination is needed for that.

Positive things:

Selection – it is possible to transfer entire catalogs with descriptions, pictures, which gives customers the opportunity to study and choose tools anytime and anywhere, without the need to visit large stores, and of course also to seek advice via the Internet and various forums, of which there are many today . On those forums, everyone has their own opinion about almost every tool, either from practical experience or from the experience of their colleagues they work with.

Availability – you have most of the tools from the catalog in one place, you are not limited to the seller’s stock.

Price – the most important item, which causes a lot of confusion – many stores work with the catalog price of tools, but there are also those who form the prices of tools to be lower than the catalog prices, and sometimes this difference is more striking. The reason for this is as follows: although these tools are bought from tool distributors, they do not need to store them, which means that they have no additional costs (there are other costs that are eliminated, not only storage), the tools are taken directly from the warehouse and sends to the buyer who has confirmed that he is taking the product with minimal costs for the seller, which should be reflected in the final retail price for the buyer.

So for customers who know what they want to buy, and check who they are buying from, buying tools online and how it can have advantages: price, time saving, choice…

It should also be emphasized here that the fiscal invoice and the guarantee are still not a travel gradation that they are not copies of the alto.

It is important who the repairer is, that is, the warranty provider and the possibility of registration on the manufacturer’s website.

When a tool is forged, why not the warranty card as well.

Also, the fact that the goods are in a retail store or on an e-commerce site, does not automatically mean that they were taken directly from the importer.

This would be brief, although more could be said.

The following tools are required for electrical installation work and maintenance of electrical installations:

1. Impact drill with a power of 1000 W or more

2. Drill with 12V battery

3. Grinder

4. Set of drill bits for metal

5. A set of drill bits for concrete (including a milling cutter and drill bits for installing junction boxes)

6. Set of drill bits for wood

7. An electrician’s spirit level and maybe a digital one

8. Hammer 300 and 500 grams or bigger

9. Electric chisels and chisels

10. Spatula, trowel and trowel

11. Wire for marking the direction

12. Cuts ie. Zwikcangle (cutting pliers)

13. Combined pliers

14. Combination pliers narrow

15. Combined pliers bent

16. Cable knife and scalpel

17. Brush for removing insulation

18. Pliers for crimping cable bushings

19. Pliers for clamping kneaded cable lugs

20. Pliers for telephone ISDN connectors

21. Pliers for connecting cables

22. Hand saw for metal

23. Set of screwdrivers, flat, cross, hex..

24. Measuring tape 2 and possibly a digital meter

25. Steel rope – pre-pull

26. Marker for letters

27. Marker for numbers

28. Device for making self-adhesive labels

29. Pointer

30. Set for soldering (soldering iron, pump and tweezers)

31. Gas burner

32. Battery lamp

33. Portable lamp

34. Universal instrument

35. Test meter

36. Lux meter

37. Phase examiner

39. Electric pliers

40. Buzzer (signal generator)

41. Tentacle (handset)

42. Magnifying glass

43. Device for magnetizing a screwdriver

44. Device for finding cables in the wall

45.LSA KRONE knife

46. ​​Tester of UTP cables

47. Extension cable

48. Handle for replacing the NH fuse

49. Visak

50. First aid kit

51. Parrots

52. French key

53. Movable caliper-caliper, if necessary and micrometer screw

54. Universal key for opening the electrical cabinet

55. Folding ladder

56. CO2 fire extinguisher

57. Wooden chest for tools, dimensions 80x50x35 cm or other standard size

58. PC computer, portable, with software for parameterizing EIB installations

Of course, as the business develops, the tool must be supplemented with new tools and measuring instruments, either digital or analog, and all depending on the financial capabilities of the electrician.

It is not advisable to buy all possible tools and instruments that will be used from time to time.

In the following, I will show several photos of the most important and most frequently used tools in the mentioned professions of almost all profession profiles. I’ve used photos from the manufacturer’s catalog here so I hope they don’t mind.

Typical measuring tape, 3 m

Merna traka od fiberglasa – 30 m
Visoko otporna ABS merna traka za teške uslove rada
Ojačana fiberglas traka – smanjuje elastičnost i poboljšava tačnost merenja
Bela površina sa 2mm gradacijom za precizno mere.
Measuring tape made of fiberglass – 30 m
Heavy duty high strength ABS tape measure
Reinforced fiberglass tape – reduces elasticity and improves measurement accuracy. White surface with 2mm gradation for precise measurements.
Pantljika na dršci tip basic sa mm podelom 25m
Ribbon on handle type basic with mm division 25m
Fig. A.
Fig. B.
Figures A and B shows
Two types of Phillips screwdrivers with non-insulated working part
Dva tipa krstastih odvijača sa neizolovanim radnim delom
Fig. C.
Fig. D.
Slika C i D prikazuje dva tipa krstastih odvijača sa izolovanim radnim delom
Figures C & D shows two types of Phillips screwdrivers with insulated working part (body)

Pljosnati odvijač
Flat screwdriver with insulated working body
Flat screwdriver with non-insulated working body

Torx odvijač
Torx screwdriver

Elektroničarski odvijači
Electronic screwdrivers

Ispitivač napona 12-750 V Duspol, dužina 1400 mm,  LED displej prikazuje nivo od 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400 i 750 V, izolovana 1000V
Voltage tester 12-750 V Duspol, length 1400 mm, LED display shows the level of 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400 and 750 V, isolated 1000 V

Imbus ključ, 1000 V
Allen key, 1000 V insulated

Imbus ključ sa T-drškom
Allen key with T-handle, short

Imbus ključ sa dugačkom drškom
Allen key with long handle 250 mm

Klešta ključ, 250 mm, 1000 V
Wrench pliers, 250 mm, 1000 V

Kombinovana električarska klešta
Combination electrician pliers

Multifunkcionalna klešta
Multifunctional pliers

Okrugla klešta
Round pliers

Klešta „papagajke“
Adjustable pliers known as Parrot Pliers

Pljosnata klešta
Flat nose pliers

Plastična pljosnata klešta 1000 V
Plastic flat pliers 1000 V

Poluokrugla klešta sa kratkim radnim vrhom i sečicama
Half-round pliers with a short working tip and cutters
Poluokrugla klešta sa dugačkim vrhom i sečicama
Half-round pliers with a long tip and cutters
Poluokrugla kriva klešta sa kratkim radnom vrhom
Half-round curved pliers with a short working tip

Poluokrugla kriva klešta da dugačkim vrhom
Half-round curved pliers with a long tip

Klešta za sečenje žice – sečice – cvikcangle
Wire cutter pliers

Ojačana klešta za sečenje žice
Reinforced wire cutting pliers, long

Klešta sečice X-cut
X-cut cutting pliers

Plastična špicasta klešta, 1000 V
Plastic needle nose pliers, 1000 V

Klešta za čaure, cevčice
Pliers for bushings, tubes
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Klešta za skidanje izolacije – blankirke
Pliers for removing insulation – blanks

Insulation stripping pliers

Klešta za skidanje izolacije
Insulation stripping pliers
Klešta za skidanje izolacije
Insulation stripping pliers

Nož za skidanje izolacije sa kukom
Insulation stripping knife with hook

Pinceta za skidanje izolacije, laka
Tweezers for removing insulation, light

Nož za skidanje izolacije sa data kablova, 125 mm
Knife for removing insulation from data cables, 125 mm

Skidač izolacije sa koax kabla
Coax cable insulation stripper

Univerzalni skidač izolacije
Universal insulation stripper

Skidač izolacije za optička vlakna 100 mm
Insulation stripper for optical fibers 100 mm

Skidač izolacije za optička vlakna, 130 mm
Insulation stripper for optical fibers, 130 mm

Skidač plašta kabla
Cable stripper

Skidač plašta kabla
Cable stripper

Klešta za pop nitne
Pop rivet pliers

Pljosnata turpija 200 mm
Flat file 200 mm

Okrugla gruba turpija 200 mm
Round file rough 200 mm

Izolovan podešavajući ključ za električare
Insulated adjustable wrench for electricians
Fig. a.
Fig. b.
Fig. c.
Fig. d.
Fig. e.
Fig. f.
Fig. g.
Fig. h.
Fig. i.
Fig. a to i. Ključevi gedore
Gedora keys

Garnitura ključeva gedora
Dimenzije: 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 21 / 22 / 26 / 27 mm
Set of gedora keys
Dimensions: 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 21 / 22 / 26 / 27 mm

Nasadni imbus ključevi 
Socket Allen keys insulated, 1000 V

Nasadni T-ključevi 13-19 mm
Socket T-wrenches, long handle

Nasadni ključevi sa T-ručkom,  8-22 mm
Socket wrenches with T-handle, 8-22 mm

Okasti izolovani ključevi,  7-27 mm
 Insulated socket wrenches, 7-27 mm, long handle

Viljuškasti izolovani ključevi  7-27 mm
Open-end insulated wrenches 7-27 mm

Moment ključevi, Izolovani, 1000 V
       moment ključevi 3/8″, 5-25 Nm, 290 mm dužine 
       moment ključevi 3/8″, 5-50 Nm, 385 mm dužine
      moment ključevi 1/2″, 5-50 Nm, 385 mm dužine
Torque wrenches, insulated, 1000 V
    torque wrenches 3/8″, 5-25 Nm, 290 mm long
     torque wrenches 3/8″, 5-50 Nm, 385 mm long
     torque wrenches 1/2″, 5-50 Nm, 385 mm long

Nasadni izolovani ključevi
Socket insulated wrenches

Nož za kablove 1
Cable knife 1
Nož za kablove 2
Cable knife 2
Nož za kablove 3
Cable knife 3
Nož za kablove 4
Cable knife 4

Nož za kablove sa zaštitom 50 mm, 1000 V
Cable knife, insulation cutter with protection 50 mm, 1000 V

Izolovana ručna  testera za metal, 240 mm
Insulated hand saw for metal, 240 mm

Rezač cevi za plastične cevi (elektro instalacije) 185 mm, 6,0-35,0 mm
Pipe cutter for plastic pipes (electrical installations) 185 mm, 6.0-35.0 mm

Precizna kriva pinceta,  izolovana, 150 mm
Precision curved tweezers, insulated, 150 mm

Precizna prava-ravna pinceta, izolovana, 150 mm
Precision straight-straight tweezers, insulated, 150 mm

Izolovana račva za nasadne ključeve,
Insulated ratchet (socket) for socket wrenches,

Makaze 250 mm za kablove, 240 mm2/fi 32 mm, 1000 V
Scissors 250 mm for cables, 240 mm2/fi 32 mm, 1000 V

Makaze 320 mm za kablove preseka 600 mm 2/fi 60 mm, 1000 V
Scissors 320 mm for cables with a section of 600 mm 2/fi 60 mm, 1000 V
Makaze za kablove 165 mm
Cable scissors 165 mm

Makaze za kablove 200 mm
Cable scissors 200 mm

Makaze za kablove 230 mm
Cable scissors 230 mm

Polužne makaze  za kablove 600 mm
Lever scissors for cables 600 mm

Plastična stega 150 mm
Plastic clamp 150 mm

Grip klešta oblik 3
Grip pliers shape 3

Grip klešta oblik 2
Grip pliers shape 2

Grip klešta oblik 1
Grip pliers shape 1

Klešta za Zeger osigurače kriva
Curved Zeger Pliers

Precizna klešta za Zeger osigurače
Precision Zeger pliers

Prava klešta za Zeger osigurače
The right Zeger pliers

Grip klešta za kablovske stopice
Grip pliers for cable lugs

Klešta za 4, 6 i 8 polne konektore
Pliers for 4, 6 and 8 pole connectors
Fig. a.
Fig. b.
Fig. a. & b.
Klešta za Coax, BNC i TNC konektore
Pliers for Coax, BNC and TNC connectors

Klešta za kablovske stopice bez čeljusti
Cable lug pliers without jaws

Klešta za kablovske stopice neizolovane
Pliers for non-insulated cable lugs

Klešta za kablovske stopice neizolovane
Pliers for non-insulated cable lugs

Klešta za kablovske stopice sa izmenjivim ulošcima
Pliers for cable lugs with replaceable inserts

Klešta za kvadratno presovanje čaura
Pliers for square pressing of pins

Klešta za kvadratno presovanje iglica
Pliers for square pressing of pins

Klešta za kvadratno presovanje iglica
Pliers for square pressing of pins with display for size reading

Makaze za lim
Scissors for sheet metal

Lemilica, električna 200 W 230 V
Namena da izvrši lemljenje različitih proizvoda i instalacije.
Electric soldering iron 200W, 230 V.
Intended to perform soldering of various products and installations.

Pištolj lemilo 175 W, 230 V
Soldering gun 175 W, 230 V

Električna stona brusilica
Electric table sander

Pištolj za toplo lemljenje
Hot soldering gun

Rezačica stona 
Table cutter

Ugaona brusilica
Angle grinder

Ravna brusilica
Flat sander

Ručna električna bušilica
Hand electric drill
Vibraciona električna bušilica – udarna
Vibrating electric drill – percussive

Ubodna testera

Kružna testera
Circular saw

Električni bušeći čekić
Electric hammer drill

Elektropneumatski čekić
Electropneumatic hammer
Baterijska bušilica-odvijač
Cordless drill-screwdriver or battery-screwdriver

Akumulatorska elektropneumatska bušilica 36 VDC
Cordless electropneumatic drill 36 VDC
Fig. a.
Fig. b.
Sl. a. & b. Dva od mnogih oblika špakli
Two of many forms of spackles
Angle, one of many types

Digitalni uglomer 1
Digital protractor 1
Digitalni uglomer 2
Digital protractor 2
One of many types of hammers

Za praktičare elektro, elektroničke i informatičke struke, servisere, stručnjake na održavanju raznih elektro pogona svih vrsta, danas se na tržištu može naći mnoštvo različitih kompleta alata, praktično za svaku vrstu alata i za svakoga bio profesionalac, početnik, hobista, amatere…

For practitioners of the electrical, electronic and IT professions, repairmen, experts in the maintenance of various electrical drives of all kinds, today on the market you can find many different sets of tools, practically for every type of tool and for everyone, whether professional, beginner, hobbyist, amateur…

Komplet alata 1
Tool kit 1
Komplet alata 2
Tool kit 2
Komplet alata 3
Tool kit 3
Komplet alata 4
Tool kit 4
Komplet alata 5
Tool kit 5
Komplet alata 6
Tool kit 6
Komplet alata 7
Tool kit 7
Komplet alata 8
Tool kit 8
Komplet alata 9
Tool kit 9

That is all for today.

Original work of author.

Elektroinstalaterski alat
Piše Radoje Janković.

Alat za elektro radove

Ovo uvek imajte na umu

Bez alata nema znata, a bez znanja ni najbolji alat neće pomoći !

Džaba dobro znanje bez iskustva, tako da je i iskustvo važno !

Ko zna da ne zna – poduci ga,

ko ne zna da zna – podseti ga,

ko zna da zna – sledi ga…

Ko ne zna da ne zna – bezi od njega!!!

Pre alata, potrebno je znanje, a ako imaš znanje onda ćeš znati i koji ti alat treba.

Zato nikada ne bacaj novac na alat ako ne znaš šta ti treba za bilo koji električarski posao koji radiš.

Kvalitetan alat od dobrog proizvođača je veoma važan, ne zbog kvaliteta već zbog tvoje bezbednosti.

Alat mora biti atestiran.

Ako misliš da se profesionalno baviš poslovima jake struje onda, najpre obuka pa sve ostalo što sledi.

Posle rada sa alatom na prljavim poslovima neophodno je posebno obratiti pažnju na pravilno održavanje alata i da alat bude u svakom trenutku ispravan.

Ono što ti niko ne može platiti a to je kad si u sred posla i alat te izda. Tada si posao završio…


Danas je tržište preplavljeno „klonovima“ poznatih svetskih firmi koje proizvode alat, pa veoma važno otvoriti četiri para očiju pri kupovini alata.

Jednom ječju; situacija sa alatima na tržištu je katastrofalna , po gotovo ručnim.

Kada se opredelite da kupujeta alat renomiranih svetskih proizvodđača ili neki drugi profesionalni alat, morate dobro da se upoznate sa svim modelima i tipovima bilo preko zvaničnih sajtova i da se upoznate sa oznakama i izgledom i svim ostalim pa tek onda u kupovinu tj. nabavku.

Situacija kod profesionalnih alata je veoma jednostavna. Nađete na internetu ovlašćenog zastupnika ili distributera, za Srbiju npr. Nazovete tog distributera i raspitate se gde možete da kupite alat odnosno u kojoj maloprodajnoj prodavnici i lepo mu kažete da se plašite da date pare za nešto što je kopija,… svi će te uputiti na prodavnice sa kojima sarađuju i za koje sami mogu da garantuju da ne mućkaju sa kopijama,.. a kopije tih alata uglavnom prodaju svi prevaranti i preprodavci po buvljacima i to po više nego po povoljnim cenama pa se ljudi obično dobro zeznu jer im cena pomuti razum,… najveće prevare kod alata su bukvalno na internetu gde se po koje kakvim sajtovima prodaju alati koje su kopije.  

Priča oko kupovine novog alata ima dve strane:

1. Kupovina alata preko internet sajtova za licitiranje, oglasa već samim načinom trgovine ima osnova za sumnjivu trgovine, no nije sigurno 100 % slučaj, ali ima osnova, samim načinom prodaje (baš kao što je to slučaj sa robobom i proizvoda široke potrošnje), bez fiskalnog računa, a sa tim u vezi i bez validne garancije.

Zato je važno utrošiti malo vremena na pretraživanje i živaca – čega nemaju baš svi koji žele ozboljno i profesionalno da se bave ovim lepim elektro poslom bilo koje vrste.

Po nekada razlika između kopije i originala nije uočljiva na prvi pogled.

2. Kupovina alata preko internet trgovina, i to onih ozbiljnih i poznatijij i prisutnijiih na tržištu, često garantuje poreklo robe, naravno pod uslovom da uz kupovinu dobijate i fiskalni račun  i garanciju na vaše ime (ime kupca), i to je osnovna stvar koju biste trebali proveriti ukoliko se odčujete da kupujeta alat preko interneta.

Što se tiče cena koje variraju, treba malo pojasniti, razlog je dosta jednostavan, svi brendovi imaju po nekoliko stotina modela alata koje je nemoguće da ijedna prodavnica drži na lageru. Kuće velikih brendova kod nas nemaju svoje prodavnice, već, najčešće samo magacine, i sva prodaja se obavlja preko distributera. Svi veći brendovi izdaju svoje kataloge sa preporučenim cenama, i u većinu pravnica se tacena ni ne menja u odnosu na preporučenu. Prilikom prodaju preko interneta postoje pozitivne i negativne stvari.

Negativna stvar, i otežavajuća za one koji kupuju alat sa kojim nisu imali kontakt ili sa njim radili, jeste da taj alat možete videti samo na slikama i pročitati karakteristike iz opisa, a osećaj kada alat uhvatite rukama izostaje, pa je potrebna veća doza mašte za to.

Pozitivne stvari:

Izbor – moguće je cele kataloge preneti sa opisima, slikama što kupcima daje mogućnost, proučavanja i izbora alata i to bilo kada i bilo gde, bez potrebe da se obilaze silne prodavnice, a naravno i traženje saveta preko interneta i raznih foruma kojih danas ima mnogo. Na tim forumima svako ima svoje mišljenje o skoro svakoj alatki bilo iz praktičnog iskustva ili iskustva svojih kolega s kojima radi.

 Dostupnost – na jednom mestu imate većinu alata iz kataloga, niste ograničeni samo na lager prodavca.

Cena – najvažnija stavka, koja unosi dosta zabune – dosta prodavnica radi sa kataloškom cenom alata, ali ima i onih koji formiraju cene alata da budu niže od kataloških, i nekada je ta razlika znato upečatljivija. Razlog za to je sledeći: iako se ti alati kupuju od distributera alata, oni nemaju potrebe da ih lageruju, što znači da nemaju dodatnih troškova (postoje i ostali troškovi koji se brišu, ne samo skladištenja), alat se uzima direktno iz magacina za Srbiju (primer naše zemlje) i šalje kupcu koji je potvrdio da uzima proizvod uz minimalne troškove za prodavca, što bi trebalo da se odrazi na konačnu maloprodajnu cenu za kupca.

Tako da za kupce koji znaju šta žele da kupe, i provere od koga kupuju kupovina alata putem interneta i te kako može da ima prednosti: cena, ušteda vremena, izbor…

Ovde treba takođe naglasiti, da fiskalni račun i garancija ipak nisu potputna gradancija da se ne radi o kopijama alta.

Važno je ko je serviser, odnosno davalac garancije i mogućnost registracije na sajtu proizvođača.

Kad se falcifikuje alat, zašto ne bi i garantni list.

Takođe, to što je roba u maloprodaju ili na nekom sajtu za e-trgovinu, ne znači automatski da je uzeta direktno od uvoznika.

  Ovo bi bilo ukratko, mada bi moglo još toga da se kaže.

Za izvođenje elektroinstalaterskih radova i održavanje električnih instalacija je potreban sljedeći alat:

1.Udarna bušilica snage 1000 W ili više
2.Bušilica sa akumulatorom 12V
4.Komplet burgija za metal
5.Komplet burgija za beton (uključivo frezer i burgije za postavljanje razvodnih kutija)
6.Komplet burgija za drvo
7.Električarska libela a može i digitalna
8.Čekić 300 i 500 grama
9.Električrasko dlieta i špicevi
10.Špartla, mistrija i fangla
11.Žica za označavanje pravca
12.Sečice tj. cvikcangle
13.Kombinovana klešta
14.Kombinovana klešta uska
15.Kombinovana klešta savijena
16.Kablovski nož i skalpel
17.Kješta za skidanje izolacije
18.Klešta za stezanje gnječenje kablovskih čaura
19.Klešta sa stezanje gnječene kablovskih papučica
20.Klešta za telefonske ISDN konektore
21.Klešta za spajanje kablova
22.Ručna tester za metal – bansek
23.Komplet odvijača, plljosnati, krstasti, imbus..
24.Merna traka 2 m i eventualno digitalni metar
25.Čelično uže – predvuča
26.Marker za slova
27.Marker za brojeve
28.Uređaj za izradu samoljepljivih natpisa
30.Set za lemljenje (lemilica, pumpica i pinceta)
31.Plinski gorionik
32.Baterijska svjetiljka
33.Prenosna svjetiljka
34.Univerzalni instrument
35.Test metar
36.Lux metar
37.Ispitivač faza- glimerica 
39.Strujna klešta
40.Zujalica (generator signala)
41.Pipalica (slušalica)
43.Uređaj za magnetiziranje odvijača
44.Uređaj za traženje kablova u zidu
45.LSA KRONE nož
46.Tester UTP kablova
47.Produžni kabl
48.Ručka za zamjenu NH osigurača
50.Komplet prve pomoći
51. Papagajke
52.Francuski ključ
53.Pomično merilo-šubler, po potrebi i mikrometarski zavrtanj
54.Univerzalni ključ za otvaranje elektroormara
55.Sklopive merdevine
56.Aparat za gašenje požara CO2
57.Drvena škrinja za alat dimenzija 80x50x35 cm
58.PC računar, prijenosni, sa softverom za parametriranje EIB instalacija

Naravno, kako se razvija posao alat se mora dopunjavati novim alatkama i mernim instrumentima bilo digitalnim ili analognim a sve u zavisnosti od finansijskih mogućnosti elektroinstalatera. 
Nije preporučljivo kupovati sav mogući alat i instrumente koji će se koristiti s vremena na vreme.

U nastavku ću prikazati nekoliko fotografija najvažnijih i najčešće korišćenih alata u pomenutim strukama skoro svih profila profesija. Ovde sam koristio fotografije iz kataloga proizvođača pa se nadam da neće imati ništa protiv toga.

Hvala za danas.