Editor, Radoje Jankovic

CPFEIS -EEEEESDSS, Call for Papers

Main Topics

  1. Electrical Engineering –Elektrotehnika
  2. Electronic Engineering – Elektronika
  3. Ecology – Ekologija
  4. Environment and Nature – Priroda i životna
  5. Sustainability and Self-Sustainability of the World Population

Dear colleagues and potential authors,

This professional-educational symposium is divided into 5 main parts (Topics),

those dealt with by this international Portal-Site, and those are:

1. Electrical Engineering

2. Electronic Engineering

3. Ecology

4. Environment and Nature

5. Self-sustainability and self-sustainability of the world population

Branches, equipment, applications are covered through main categories, subcategories, thematic areas of subcategories as well as narrower or broader topics. Of course, it is not possible to cover all possible topics from each category and subcategory. Also, you can do your technical, educational, scientific, research-development and practical works on all other topics from the mentioned fields and they are not in this list.

You can start sending your extended abstracts on a maximum of 3-5 pages, in A4 format with illustrations, in 13 point font, from today. This Correspondence Symposium is hot time limited. Full length work you may sending after accepting your Abstracts.

The number of works is limited to max. 5 papers.

Works can be of multidisciplinary type.

Works should be original.

All photos and graphic illustrations must be original or obtained as well as borrowed from your friends and colleagues who are engaged in a certain type of work in practice either in your country or somewhere in the world and many are very accommodating as in my case that at my request they send everything I ask for or photos according to my wishes what I would like them to send me.

This is for the sole reason that there are thousands and thousands of works with the same illustrations and photos circulating on the Internet. You have to admit that it is very boring to see the same illustrations and photographs slightly “processed” or photoshopped so that you appear to be the “only” expert. And worst of all, many such illustrations and photographs have lost a lot of their quality, which is immediately obvious. These remarks and requests are for one reason only,

WE WANT TO BE AMONG THE BEST IN THE WORLD, so that everyone who visits the Portal has something to see, learn and be satisfied with content that is clear, precise and easy to understand.

Graphic illustrations must be professionally done.

When working in the field of electrical engineering and electronics, IEC graphic symbols must be used, exceptionally ASA graphic symbols can be used if they are compatible with IEC standards exceptionally. Pictorial diagrams and wiring diagrams must be very clear and legible, at least A4 or A3 format with legible text if any. The text of the work must be in one column (like this text) and never in two columns. Don’t skimp on the number of pages!

In works from the field of ecology, environment, sustainable development and self-sustainability, ready-made (template illustrations and thumbnails) illustrations of which there are thousands and thousands on many web sites and portals cannot be used. Your original ones are necessary, which you can take in your country or ask colleagues from other countries to take photos in their countries, and I believe that they will be happy to respond. This is what I do if you have had the opportunity to read my works on this portal of mine, illustrations and, if possible, your original photos (possibly borrowed, then you must put the source of the photo) – because we consider you to be experts and professionals, not amateurs and hobbyists. IT MUST BE SEEN THAT THE WORK WAS DONE BY PROFESSIONALS WITH GOOD PRACTICAL AND THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE. Also, for your work, suggest a category within TOPICs to which you think the work belongs, and for the works mentioned in this paragraph, use standard and internationally established topics.

All accepted works remain the property of EEEEEEPW-Portal. Accepted works will be published on our portal and will be free for use by all experts in the world with the obligation to cite the source and the portal site, otherwise they will be subject to established practices and penalties for violating copyright and publishing rights of our portal, EEEEEEPW-Portal. and for the works mentioned in this paragraph, use standard and internationally established topics.

You automatically accept the terms of this paragraph, otherwise your work will not be considered to be published on our portal, which is popular and is gaining more and more popularity in the world among all people who in any way deal with the fields covered by our portal, and thus and you lose your popularity as an expert, which we consider very important for each of our colleagues.

At the same time, you can use your works as well as other published works in your further practice when writing new works and studies that you will do.

If possible, we will print collections of thematic works or in the planned publications mentioned below, which will be available to the general public in printed form under the common name CPFEIS –EEEEESDSS  PUBLICATIONS with the appropriate subtitle.

Also, as I said, within the symposium we will try to issue or possibly print some of the following technical publications for educational and practical purposes, especially because the portal is PROFESSIONALLY EDUCATIONAL TYPE:

1. CPFEIS –EEEEESDSS  Illustrated Readers

2. Basic Level CPFEIS –EEEEESDSS  Educational Lessons

3. Medium Level CPFEIS –EEEEESDSS  Educational Lessons

4. High Level CPFEIS –EEEEESDSS  Educational Lessons

5. Advanced CPFEIS –EEEEESDSS  Educational Lessons

6. Specialized CPFEIS –EEEEESDSS  Lectures

7. Technical Brochures

8. Reference Papers

9. The best practice in use around the globe today…

Welcome to work, respected colleagues and friends, wherever you are in the world.

Let’s help each other, especially young people around the world, pupils, students, younger and older colleagues and especially beginners, who are eager for knowledge from real experts and professionals.

May the Almighty Lord God help us in our joint efforts.

Keep in mind that this call for your work will be updated from time to time, so check back often to see what’s new.

Twelve Sources of Electric Power

1.Conventional Power Plants (CPP)

2. Coal Gasification and Liquefaction (CGL)

3. Pico (PHPP), Micro (MHPP) and Small Scale (SSHPP) Hydro Power Plants or (PMSSHPP)

4. Solar Thermal Power Plants (STPP)

5. Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants (PVSPP)

6. Wind Energy Power Plants (WEPP)

7. Geo-Thermal Power Plants (GTPP)

8. Hydrogen Power Plants (HPP)

 9. Biomass Energy Plants (BEP); a) Forest, b) Vegetation, c) Animal refuse

10. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC);

a) Ocean Tidal Power (OTP),

b) Wave Power Plants (WPP),

c) Ocean Thermal Gradient Power (OTGP)

11. Magneto Hydro-Dynamic (MHD) or Fluid Dynamic Plants (FDP)

12. Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)

Probably the first such photo on the internet “black” sky with rain clouds and a long over one wind power generator’s park.
Location Dolovo, Pancevo, Serbia.
About 15:00
Photo: Đorđe Milošević. 

Alphabetical order of categories with abbreviations used in practice – Electrical engineering (Partial)

Topic 1. Electrical Engineering

1. Aerial Electric Vehicles (AEV)

2. Air Blast Circuit Breakers (BCB)

3. Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)

4. Air Condition Systems (ACS)

5.Air Insulated Circuit Breakers (AICB)

6. Airport Electrical and Runways Electrical Devices(AERWED)

7. Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD)

8. Artificial Snow Production Plants Electrical Equipment (ASPPEE)

9. Asynchronous Rotational Electric Machines (AREM)

10. Atmospheric Discharges and Protection (ADP)

11. Automated Electrical Systems Protection (AESP)

12. Automation in Manufacturing Industry (AMI)

13. Automation of Electrical Systems (AES)

14. Autonomous Electricity Production Plants (AEPP)

15. Batteries Non Rechargeable

– Alkaline Batteries

– Aluminium-Air Batteries

– Chromic acid cells

– Dry Cells

– Earth Battery

– Galvanic Cells

– Leclanshe Cells

– Lithium-Air Batteries

– Lithium Carbon Monofluoride Pentoxide Batteries

– Lithium Copper Oxide Batteries

– Lithium Iron Disulfide Batteries

– Lithium Iron Sulfide Batteries

– Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries

– Lithium Metal Battteries

– Lithium Silver Chromate Batteries

– Lithium Silver Oxide+Vanadium Batteries

– Magnesium Batteries

– Mercury Oxide Bateries

– Nickel Oxydroxide Batteries

– Paper Batteries

– Silver-Oxide Batteries

– Voltaic Pile Batteries

– Water-Activated Batteries

– Zinc-Air Batteries

– Zinc-Carbon Batteries

– Zinc Chloride Batteries

16. Batteries Rechargeable

  • Aluminium-Ion Batteries
  • Calcium Batteries
  • Flow Batteries
  • Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Glass Batteries
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries:

        Lithium Cobal Oxide Batteries,

             Lithium-Silicon Batteries,

             Lithium-Ion Manganese-oxide Batteries,

             Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries,

             Lithium-Ion-Phosphate Batteries,

             Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate Batteries,

             Lithium Iron-Phosphate Batteries,

             Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt Oxide Batteries,

             Lithium-Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum Oxide Batteries,

             Lithium-Sulphur Batteries,

             Lithium-Titanate Batteries,

             Lithium-Ceramic Batteries,   

             Thin-Film Lithium-Ion Batteries.

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Metal Batteries
  • Magnsium-Ion Batteries
  • Metal-Air Electrochemical Cells;

    Beryllium-Air Batteries,

    Calcium-Air Batteries,

         Cinc-Air Batteries,

         Germanium-Air Batteries,

         Iron-Air Batteries,

         Lithium-Air Batteries,

         Potassium-Ion Batteries,

         Silicon-Air Batteries,

         Tin-Air Batteries,

         Sodium-Air Batteries.

  • Molten-Salt Batteries
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Nickel-Cadmium Batteries (Vented type)
  • Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries
  • Nicke-Iron Batteries
  • Nickel-Lithium Batterries
  • Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries (Low self discharge)
  • Nickel-Zinc Batteries
  • Organic Radical Battery
  • Polymer-Based Batteries
  • Polysulfide Bromide Batteries
  • Postassium-Ion Batteries
  • Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries
  • Rechargeable Fuel-Batteries
  • Silver-Zinc Batteries
  • Silver-Calcium Batteries
  • Silver-Cadmium Batteries
  • Sodium-Ion Batteries
  • Sodium-Sulfur Batteries
  • Solid-State Batteries
  • Super Iron Batteries
  • Wet Cells
  • Zinc-Iron Batteries

17. Batteries by Applications

  • Automotive Batteries
  • Backup Batteries
  • Battery Packs
  • Battery-Storage Power Station
  • Biobatteries
  • Button Cells
  • CMOS Batteries
  • Common Batteries
  • Commodity Cells
  • Electric-Vehicle Batteries
  • Flow Batteries
  • Home Energy Storage Batteries
  • Inverter Batteries
  • Lantern Batteries
  • Nanobatteries
  • Local Batteries
  • Photoflash Batteries
  • Smart Battery Systems
  • Watch Batteries
  • Water-Activated Batteries

18. Battery Charge Controllers (BCC) for Photovoltaic Solar Plants

19. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

20. Beer Production Facilities Electrical Equipment (BPFEE)

21.Biomass Electricity Production Plants (BMEPP)

22.Bottom Sea Electrical Equipment (BSEE)

23. Bottom Sea Power Lines (BSPL)

24. Brick and Tile Production Plants Electrical Equipment (BTPPEE)

25. Bulk Oil Circuit Breakers (BOCB)

26. Bus-Bar Protection Devices (BBPD)

27. Cable Cars and Ski Lifts Electrical Equipment (CCSLEE)

28. Cable Laying Methods (CLM)

29. Cable Pulling Laying Equipment (CPLE)

30. Cable Pulling Methods (CPM)

31. Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT)

32. Cattle Feedlots Electrical Equipment (CFEE)

33. Cement Production Plants Electrical Equipment (CPPEE)

34. Centralized Solar Photovoltaic Systems (CSPS) Long – distance power transmission

35. Coal Power Plants (CPP)

36. Communication Equipment (ComE)

37. Communication Networks (ComNet)

38. Communication Systems (ComS)

39. Compact Medium Voltage Substations (CMVS)

40. Computer Aided Design (CAD)

41. Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic Systems (CSPVS)

42. Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant (CSTPP) with concentrating mirrors – heliostats

43. Conventional Power Plants (CPP)

44. Converter-Based Power Systems (CBPS) or Converter Stations (CS)

45. Converter Transformers (CTR)

46. Corrosion Protection (CoP)

47. Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CCVT)

48. Data and Voice Cables (DVC)

49. Decorative Lighting Equipment (DLE)

50. Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (DEI)

51. Diesel Electric Generators (DEG)

52. Digital Protection Relays (DPR)

53. Direct Current Circuit Breakers (DCCB)

– Solid State DCCB (SSDCCB)

– Resonance DC Breakers (RDCB)

– Hybrid DC Breakers (HDCB)

54. Direct Current Gas-Insulated Line Insulators (DCIGI LI)

55. Direct Current Gas-Insulated Transmission Lines (DCGI TL)

56. Direct Current Lapped Cable Systems (DC LCS)

57. Direct Current Micro Grids (DCMG)

58. Direct Current Rotational Electric Machines (DC REM)

59. Direct Electrical Heating Systems (DEHS) (Riser cables for supplying power from platforms down to the sea bed and pipeline heating)

60. Direct Electrical Heating System Components (DEHSC)

-Power Transformers

– Compensation Units

– Symmetraton Units

– Control and Protection Devices,

– Fiber Optical Measurements

61. Distilleries Plant Electrical Installations (DP EIs)

62. Distributed Control System (DCS)

63. Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

64. Distribution Boards (DB)

65. Distribution Networks (DNets)

66. Dry type Power Transformer (DPT)

67. Drinking Water Plant Electrical Equipment (DWPEE)

68. Earthing and Lightning Protection (ELP) in LV, MV, EHV, UHV systems

69. Earthing and Lightning Installations

70. Ecology Protection Practice (EPP)

71. Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)

-Direct Electric Arc Furnace (DEAF)

– Indirect Electric Arc Furnace (IEAF)

72. Electric Heating

-Power Frequency Direct Resistance Heating (PFDEH)

– Power Frequency Indirect Resistance Heating (PFIEH)

– Power Frequency Direct Arc Heating (PFDAH)

– Power Frequency Indirect Arc Heating (PFIAH)

– Power Frequency Infrared (Radiant) Heating (PFIH)

73. Electric Induction Heating

-Electric Direct Induction Heating (EDIH)

– Electric Indirect Induction Heating (EIIH)

74. Electric Light Electrical Equipment (ELE)

75. Electric Locomotives Electrical Equipment (ELEIE)

76. Electric Power Metering (EPM)

77. Electric Vehicles (EV)

78. Electric Transportation Systems (ETS)

79. Electrical Busbar Systems

80. Electrical Conductors

81. Electrical Engineering Materials (EEM)

82. Electrical Heating and Equipment (EHE)

83. Electrical Installation Cabling (EIC)

84. Electrical Installations in Marine Ships (EIMS)

85. Electrical Insulating Materials (EIM)

86. Electrical Interconnetors

87. Electrical Machines

 – AC Rotational Generators

 – AC Rotational Electric Motors

 – DC Rotational Generators

 – DC Rotational Electric Motors

 – Special Electrical Machines  

88. Electrical Measurements

89. Electrical Motor Drives (EMD)

90. Electrical Networks, LV & HV

91. Electrical Protective Relays (EPR)

92. Electrical Railway Distribution Supply Systems (ER DSS)

93. Electrical Traction and Equipment (ETE)

94. Electrical Transient Analysis (ETA)

95. Electrical Tools and Machines (ETM)

96. Electrical Wiring Accessories (EWA)

97. Electrolysis Plants Electrical Equipment (EPEE)

98. Electroacoustics (ELA)

99. Electrodynamics;

  • Lorentz Force Law
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Faraday’s Law
  • Lentz’s Law
  • Displacement Current
  • Maxwell’s Equations
  • Electromagnetic Field
  • Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Maxwell Tensor
  • Poynting Vector
  • Lenard-Wiechert Potential
  • Jefimenko’s Equations
  • Eddy Current
  • London Equations
  • Mathematical Description of The Electromagnetic Field

100. Electromagnetic Circuit Breakers (EMCB)

101. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

102. Electromagnetic Transients (EMT)

103. Electromagnetic Protection Relays (EPR)

104. Electromagnetism or Electromagnetics 

105. Electronic Power Converters (EPC)

      AC Converters

  • Direct AC Converters
  • Indirect AC Converters

      AC/DC Converters

  • Voltage Stiff AC/DC Converters
  • Current Stiff AC/DC Converters

     DC Converters

  • Direct DC Converters
  • Indirect DC Converters

106. Electroplating Facilities Electrical Equipment (EPFEE)

107. Electrostatics;

  • Electric Charge
  • Coulom’s Law
  • Conductor
  • Charge Density
  • Permitivity
  • Electric Dipole Moment
  • Electric Filed
  • Electric Potential
  • Electric Flux/Potential Energy
  • Electrostatic Disharge
  • Gauss’ Law
  • Induction
  • Insulator
  • Polarization Density
  • Static Electricity
  • Triboelectricity

108. Emergency Generating Units (EGU)

109. Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE)

110. Environmental Protection Practice (EPT)

111. Extra High Voltages (EHV)

112. Extra High Voltage Equipment (EHV E)

113. Extra High Voltage Outdoor Switchyards (EHV OS)

114. Extra High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines (EHV OHTL)

115. Extra High Voltage Overhead Transmission Towers (EHV OHTT)

116. Extra High Voltage Power Cables (EHV PC)

117. Extra High Voltage Transformers (EHV T)

118. Extra High Voltage Transformer Substations (EHV TS)

119. Extra High Voltage Underground Lines (EHV UGL)

120. Extra High Voltage Yards (EHV Y)

121. Extra Low Voltages (ELV)

122. Frequency Adaptive Drive (FAD)

123. Feeders Protection Devices (FPD)

124. Fiber Optic Engineering (FOE)

125. Filter Earthing Switches (FES)

126. Fire Alarm Components and Devices (FA CD)

127. Fire Alarm Installations (FA I), Fire Detection Systems (FDS)

128. Flue Gas Purification Electrostatic Precipitators Electrical Installations (FGPEP EIs)

129. Forges Processing Plants Electrical Equipment (FPPEE)

130. Foundries Plants Electrical Equipment (FPEE)

131. Fuel cell 

  • Excange Membrane Fuel Cell
  • Direct Carbon Fuel Cell (DCFC)
  • Direct-Ethanol Fuel Cell (DEFC)
  • Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell (DFAFC)
  • Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)
  • Direct Porohydride Fuel Cell (DPFC)
  • Excange Membrane Fuel Cell
  • Solid oxide electrolyser cell (SOEC)
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)
  • Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEFC)
  • Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (EMFC) or Proton

132. Functional Safety of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (FSEEE)

133. Functional Safety of Programmable Electronic (FSPE)

134. Fruit and Vegetable Freezing Plants Electrical Equipment (FVREE)

135. Fruit Juice Production Plants Electrical Equipment (FJPPEE)

136. Galvanizing Plant Electrical Equipment (GPEE)

137. Gas and Oil Separation Plants Electrical Equipment (GOSPEE)

138. Gas Circuit Breakers (GCB)

139. Gas Compressor Stations Electrical Equipment (GCSEE)

140. Gas Insulated Circuit Breakers (GI CB)

141. Gas Insulated Transmission Lines (GI TL)

142. Gas Plants Electrical Installations (GP EIs)

143. Gas Power Plants (GPP)

144. Gas Separation Plants Electrical Equipment (GSPEE)

145. Generator Protection Devices (GPD)

146. Geo Thermal Power Plants (GTPP)

147. Glass Production Plants Electrical Equipment (GPPEE)

148. Good Practice in the Electrical Engineering (GP EE)

149. Grid – Connected Photovoltaic Solar Power Systems (GCPVSPS)

150. Grid – Connected Wind Power Systems (GCWPS)

151. Half-Bridge Module Multilevel Converters (HBMMC)

152.Hazardous Area Electrical and Electronic Equipment (HAEEE)

153. Hazardous Area Installations (HAI)

154. Hazardous Area Electrical Switchgears (HAE SWG)

155. Health Institutions Electrical Installations (HI EIs)

156. Heat Treatment Plants Electrical Equipment (HTPEE)

157. High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulses (HAEP)

158. High-Frequency Electric Heating

– High-Frequency Direct Induction Electric Heating (HFDIEH)

– High-Frequency Indirect Induction Electric Heating (HFIIEH)

– High-Frequency Dielectric Heating (HFDE)

159. High Frequency Transformers (HFT)

160. High Power Microwave Equipment (HPME)

161. High Power Resistors (HPR)

162. High Power Resistors Electrical Furnace (HPREF)

163. High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS) systems (HTSS)

164. High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers (HVAC CB), up to 1200 kV

165. High Voltage Cable Systems (HV CS)

166. High Voltage Capacitors (HVC)

167. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)

168. High Voltage Direct Current Circuit Breakers (HVDC CB)

169. High Voltage Direct Current Converter Substations (HVDC CS)

170. High Voltage Direct Current Converter Transformers (HVDC CT)

171. High Voltage Direct Current Earthing Switches (HVDC ES)

172. High Voltage Direct Current Gas Insulated Line Spacers (HVDCGILS)

173. High Voltage Direct Current Overhead Transmission Towers (HVDC OHTT)

174. High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Systems (HVDC TS)

175. High Voltage Equipment (HVE)

176. High Voltage Power Cables (HVPC)

177. High Voltage Power Electronics (HVPE)

178. High Voltage Switchgear (HV SWG)

179. High-Voltage Test Techniques (HV TT)

180. High Voltage Underground Lines (HV UGL)

181. Homopolar Generators

182. Hybrid Circuit Breakers (HCB)

183. Hybrid Direct Current Circuit Breakers (HDCCB)

184. Hybrid Energy Systems (HES) or Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (HRES)

  • Autonomous Community Energy System (ACES) or Self-Sustaible Automous Community Energy System (SSACES) or Autonomous Self-Sufficient Community Energy System (ASSCES) or Self-Sufficient Self-Sustainable Community Energy System (SSSSCES)
  • Solar Hybrd Energy Sistem (SHES)
  • Wind Hybrid Energy System (WHES)
  • Photovoltaic Hybrid Energy System (PVHES)
  • Battery Hybrid Energy System (BHES)
  • Stand-Alone Hybrid Energy System (SAHES)
  • Renewable Hybrid Energy System (RHES)
  • Wind-Solar Hybrid Energy System (WSHES)
  • Grid-Connected Hybrid Photovoltaic-Battery-Diesel Generator Energy System (GCHPVBDGES)
  • Hybrid Multisource Energy System (HMES)
  • Solar-Hydrogen Hybrid Energy System (SHHES)
  • Solar Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell-Biomass Gasifier Hybrid Energy System (SPVFCMGHES)
  • Solar-Biomas-Pico Hydro Power Hybrid Energy System (SBPHPHES)
  • Solar Photovoltaic-Wind Generator-Diesel Generator-Battery Hybrid Energy System (SPVWGDGBHES)
  • Off-Grid Photovoltaic-Wind-Diesel Generator Hybryd Energy System (OGPVWDGHES)

185. Hybrid Overhead Lines (HOHL)

186. Hybrid Power Networks (HPN)

187. Hybrid Solar Systems (HSS)

188. Hydro Electric Generators (HES)

189. Hydro Electric Power Plants (HEPP)

190. Hydrogen Electric Power Plants (HE PP)

191. Hydrogen Technology (HT)

192. Induction Furnaces

– Coreless Induction Furnace (CLIF)

– Core Type Induction Furnace (CTIF)

193. Industrial Automation (IA)

194. Industrial-Process Control (IPC)

195. Industrial-Process Measurement (IPM)

196. Information Systems (ISs)

197. Information Technology Installations (ITI)

198. Installation Conduits and Accessories (ICA)

199. Information Technology Data Networking (ITDN)

200. Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED)

201. International Power Connections (IPC)

202. Inverters for Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants (IPSPP)

203. Large Bakeries Electrical Installations (LB EIs)

204. Large Photovoltaic Systems (LPVS)

205. Large Power Networks Interconnections (LPN I)

206. Lightning Arrestors (LAR)

207. Lighting Equipment and Accessories (LEA)

208. Line Traps for AC Power Systems (LTAC PS)

209. Linear Alternators

210. Linear Electric Motors (LEM)

211. Live Working (LiWo)

212. Low Voltage Cable Systems (LV CS)

213- Low Voltage Controlgear (LV CGR)

214. Low Voltage Devices and Equipment (LV DE)

215. Low Voltage Direct Current Hybrid Circuit Breakers (LV DCHCB)

216. Low Voltage Fuses (LVF)

217. Low Voltage Power Cables LV PC)

218. Low Voltage Power Installations (LV PI)

219. Low Voltage Switchgear (LV SWG)

220. Low Voltage Networks (LVN)

221. Low Voltage Overhead Distribution Lines (LV OHDL)

222. Low Voltage Switchboards (LV SWB)

223. Low Voltage Switchgears (LV SWG)

224. Low Voltage Underground Lines (LVUGL)

225. Magnetic Circuit Breakers (MCB)

226. Magnetic States;

  • Diamagnetism
  • Superdiamagnetism
  • Paramagentism
  • Superparamagnetism
  • Ferromagnetism
  • Superferromagnetism
  • Antiferromagnetism
  • Helimagnetism
  • Metamgnetism
  • Mictomagnetism
  • Spin Glass
  • Spin Ice
  • Ferromagnetic Superconductor

227. Magneto Generators

228. Magneto Hydro-Dynamic Power Plants (MHDPP)

229. Magnetostatics

  • Ampere’s Law
  • Biot-Savart Law
  • Gauss’s for Magnetism
  • Magnetic Dipole Moment
  • Magnetic Permeability
  • Magnetic Scalar Potential, Magnetization and Magnetomotive Force
  • Magnetic Vector Potential, Right-Hand Rule

230. Maritime Port Electrical Installations (MPEI)

231. Medium Voltage Lines (MVL)

232. Medium Voltage Networks (MVN)

233. Medium Voltage Direct Current Distribution Systems (MV DCDS)

234. Medium Voltage Overhead Lines (MV OHL),

235. Medium Voltage Overhead Transmission Towers (MV OHTT)

236. Medium Voltage Outdoor Switchyards (MV OS)

237. Medium Voltage Power Cables (MV PC)

238. Medium Voltage Switchgears (MV SWG) MV SWG SN RP

239. Medium Voltage Transformer Stations (MVTS)

240. Medium Voltage Underground Lines (MVUL)

241. Micro Hydro Power Plants (MHPP)

242. Microwave Engineering (MWE)

243. Microwave Industrial Equipment (MWIE)

244. Mineral Insulating Oils (MIO)

245. Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)

246. Minimum Oil Circuit Breakers (MOCB)

247. Mining Machines Electrical Installations (MMEIs)

248. Mobile Substations (MSS)

249. Modular Hybrid Direct Current Circuit Breakers (MHDCCB)

250. Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC)

251. Modular Multilevel Converters High Voltage Direct Current (MMCHVDC)

252. Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

253. Montage Concrete Substation (MCSS)

254. Motor Control Center Boards (MCCB)

255. Motor Distribution Boards (MDB)

256. Motor Protection Circuit Breakers (MPCB)

257. Motor Soft Staters (MSS)

258. Multi – Energy Systems (MES)

259. Multi – Energy System Distribution Networks (MESDN)

260. Multiterminal Direct Current Grids (MTDCG)

261. Museum Electrical Installations (MEL)

262. Network Protection Performance (MPP)

263. Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR)

264. Numerical Protection Relays (NPR)

265. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

266. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

267. Ocean Thermal Gradient Power Plants (OTGPP)

268. Ocean Tidal Power Plants (OTPP)

269. Ocean Wave Power Plants (OWPP)

270. Off-shore Photovoltaic Solar Power Systems (OPSPS)

271. Off-shore Wind Power Systems (OWPS

272. Oil and Gas Fields Power Systems (OGFPS)

273. Oil and Gas Fields Cathodic Protection (OGFCP)

274. Oil and Gas Fields Electrical Equipment (OGFEE)

275. Oil and Gas Fields Instrumentation (OGFI)

276. Oil and Gas Fields Electrical Networks (OGFEN)

277. Oil and Gas Fields Overhead Transmission Electrical Supply Lines (OGFOHTESL)

278. Oil Fields Cathodic Protection (OFCP)

279. Oil Fields Electrical Equipment (OFEE)

280. Oil Fields Electrical Installations (OFEI)

281. Oil Fields Instrumentation (OFI)

282. Oil Fields Electrical Networks (OFEN)

283. Oil Fields Overhead Transmission Electrical Sypply Lines (OFOHTESL)

284. Oil Circuit Breakers (OCB)

284. Oil Power Plants (OPP)

285. On-shore Photovoltaic Solar Power Systems (OnPSPS)

286. On-shore Wind Power Systems (OnWPS)

287. On-Site High Voltage Testing (OSHVT)

288. Operating Dialog Panels (ODP)

289. Optimization Power Systems (OPS)

290. Outdoor Bushing Current Transformers (OBCT)

291. Outdoor High Voltage Gas Insulated systems (OHVGIS)

292. Overhead Distribution Lines (OHDL)

293. Overhead Line Conductors (OHLC)

294. Overhead Line Corridors (OHLC)

295. Overhead Line Insulator Strings (OHLIS)

296. Overhead Power Transmission Lines (OHPTL)

297. Overvoltage Protection Devices (OVPD)

298. Over-Voltages in Power Systems (OVPS)

299. Periodical Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

300. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators (PMSG)

301. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

302. Photovoltaic Solar Cells and Panels (PVSCP)

303. Photovoltaic Solar Power Distribution Systems (PVSPDS)

304. Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants (PVSPP)

305. Photovoltaic Solar Systems (PVSS)

306. Pico Hydro Power Plants (PHPP)

307. Pig Fattening Electrical Installations (PFEIs)

308. Plug and Switch Systems (PASS)

309. Power Electronics Engineering (PEE)

  • Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converters (BD BB C)
  • Bidirectional CLLC Resonant Converters (BDCLLRC)
  • Bidirectional DC-DC Power Converters (BDD CC-DC PC)
  • Bidirectional Forward DC-DC Converters (BD FW DC-DCC)
  • Bidirectional LLC Resonant Converters (BDLLCRC)
  • Bidirectional Multiple-Input Multipl-Output Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converters (BDMIMOMMDC-DCC)
  • Bidirectional PWM DC-DC Power Converters (BDPWM DC-DC PC)
  • Bidirectional Single-Ended Primary Inductor Converter/Zeta DC-DC Converters (BDSEPIC/zDC-DCC) 
  • Bi-Directional Switched-Capacitor DC/DC Converters (BD S-C DC/DCC)
  • Bipole High Voltage Direct Current with Converter/Grounding Electrode Station (BHVDCC/GES)
  • Capacitors-Commutated Converter (CCC)
  • Direct Current to Direct Current Switching Converters (DC/DC SwC)
  • Direct Current Transmission System (DCTS)
  • Dual Active Bridge Bidirectional DC-DC Converteer (DABBDDC-DCC)
  • Dual Half Bridge Bidirectional DC-DC converter (DHBBDDC-DCC)
  • Half Bridge-Full Bridge Bidirectional DC-DC Converters (DHBFBD DC-DCC)
  • High-Power Bidirectional DC-DC Converters (HPBDDC-DCC)
  • High Voltage Direct Current Capacitor Commutated Converters (HVDCCCCC)
  • High Voltage Direct Current Converter Stations (HVDCCS)
  • High Voltage Direct Current Converters ((HVDCC)
  • High Voltage Direct Current Circuit Brreakers (HVDCCB)
  • Interleaved Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (IL BD DC-DCC)
  • Isolated Bidirectional Dual-Active-Bridge DC-DC Converters (IBDDABDC-DCC)
  • Isolated Buck-Boost Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (Bidirectional Flyback) IBB BD DC-DCC)
  • Isolated Zeta-SEOIC Bidirectional DC-DC Conveerters (IZ-SEPIC BD DC-DCC)
  • Line-Commutated Converter (LCC)
  • Multi-Input Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (MI BD DC-DC C)
  • Multi-Input Multi-Output Multileve DC-DC Vonverter (MIMO ML DC-DC C)
  • Multilevel Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (ML BD DC-DC C) 
  • Multi Port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (MP BD DC-DC C9
  • Multi Port Dual Active Bridges (MPDAB)
  • Non-Isolated Bidirectional Converter (NI BDC)
  • Non-Isolated Multi Port DC-DC Conveerter (NI MP DC-DCC)
  • Push-Pull Bidirectional DC-DC Conv erter (PP BD DC-DCC)
  • Push-Pull-Forward Half-Bridge (PPFHB) Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (PPF HB BD DC-DC C)
  • Single-Ended Primary Inductor Converter (SEPIC)
  • Switched-Capacitor Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (SCBD DC-DCC)
  • Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter (SB DC-DCC)
  • Three-Phase Rectifier/Inverter (TPR/I)
  • Voltage-Source Converter (VSC)
  • Voltage-Source Conveerters High-Voltage Direct Current Systems (VSC HVDCS) 

310. Power Factor Correction High Voltage Capacitor Banks (PFCHVCB)

311. Power Generating Plants (PGP)

312. Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC)

313. Power Plant Using Hydrogen Fuel (PPUHF)

314. Power Supplies (PS)

315. Power Networks and Systems (PNS)

316. Power System Environmental Performance (PSEP)

317. Power System Reliability (PSR)

318. Power System Stability (PSS)

319. Power Systems Interconnections (PSI)

320. Power Systems Protection (PSP)

321. Power Transformers

– Auto Transformers (Large EHV & UHV)

– Single Phase Power Transformers (Large EHV & UHV)

 – Three-Phase power Transformers (Large EHV & UHV)

322. Proactive Hybrid Circuit Breakers (PHCB) for HVDC

323. Process Automation Systems (PAS)

324. Process Data Management (PDM)

325. Process Instrumentation and Installations (PII)

326. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

327. Protection of Electrical System (PES)

328. Public Announcement Systems (PAS

329. Pure Homopolar Generators

330. Quality Management Systems (QMS)

301. Railway Electrical Equipment (RWEE)

302. Railway Traction Electrical Motors (RWEM)

303. Railway Traction Systems (RWTS)

304. Railway Transformers (RWT)

305. Railway Transformer Stations (RWTS)

306. Real-Time Simulations Models (RTSM)

307. Relays

308. Relay Protection (RRP)

309. Relay Control Panels (RCP)

310. Remote Sensing of Overhead Lines (RSOHL)

311. Remote Areas Human Communities Seslf-Sustainable Electricitrification Systems (RAHC SSES)

312. Resistors and Power Electric Heaters Design and Practice

313. Risks in Overhead Line Networks (ROHLN)

314. Rolling Mill Electrical Installations (RMEIs)

315. Rural Electrification Systems (RES)

316. Rural Self-Sustainable Electricity Generating Systems (RSSEGS)

317. Safety Risk Management (SRM)

318. Safe Work Methods (SWM)

319. Sensors

– Acoustic, Sound, Vibration sensors

– Automotive Sensors

– Chemical Sensors

– Electric Current, Electric Potential, Magnetic, Radio Sensors

– Environment, Weather, Moisture, Humidity Sensors

– Flow, Fluid Velocity Sensors

– Force, Density, Level Sensors

– Ionizing Radiaton, Subatomic Particle Sensors

– Navigation Instruments Sensors

– Position, Angle, Displacement, Distance, Speed, Acceleration Sensors

– Optical, Light, Imaging, Photon Sensors

– Pressure Sensors

– Proximity, Presence Sensors

– Sensor Technology

– Speed Sensors

– Thermal, Heat, Temperature sensors

320. Servicing of Electrical Equipment (SEI)

321. Servicing and Maintenance of Electrical Installations (SMEI)

322. Servicing and Maintenance of Electrical Machines (SMEM)

323. Servicing and Maintenance of Transformers (SMT)

324. Servicing and Maintenance of Indoor Switchgear (SMIS)

325. Servicing and Maintenance of Outdoor Switchyards (SMOS)

326. Shunt Power Capacitors (SPC)

327. Single-Phase Generators (SPG)

328. Small Photovoltaic Systems (SPVS)

329. Small Scale Hydro Power Plants (SSHPP)

330. Small Scale Wind Generators (SSWG)

331. Small Scale Self-Sustainable Rural Electrification Systems (SS SS RES)

332. Smart Power Grids (SPG)

333. Soft Starters (SS)

– High Voltage Soft Starters (HV SS)

– Low Voltage Soft Starters (LV SS)

334. Solar Batteries (SB)

335. Solar Power Plants (SPP)

336. Solar Thermal Power Plants (STP)

337. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)

338. Spring Drive Circuit Breakers (SDCB)

339. Static Excitation Systems (SES)

340. Static Protection Relays (SPR)

341. Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC)

342. Static VAR Compensators (SVC) or STATCOM Devices

343. Structured Cabling System Installations (SCSI)

344. Submarine Cable Systems (SCS)

345. Submarine Power Cables (SPC)

346. Submarine Electrical Equipment (SEE)

347. Substation Automation Systems (SAS)

348. Substation Busbars (SSB)

349. Sulfur-Hexafluoride (SF6) Electrical Equipment (SF6EE)

350. Supercapacitor-Based Energy Storage (SC BES)

351. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

352. Suppressing Overvoltages (SOV)

353. Sustainable Electricity Development for Self – Sustainable Living (SEDSSL) of Population

354. Switched-Mode Power Systems (SMPS)

355. Synchronised AC Networks

356. Synchronous Rectification

357. Synchronous Rotational Electric Machines (SREM)

358. System Verification Simulators (SVS)

359. Telecontrol Equipment (TEE)

360. Telecontrol Systems (TCS)

361. Telephone Systems

362. Thermal Electric Power Plants (TEPP)

363. Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers (TMCB)

364. Thermal Processing Plants Electrical Equipment (TPPEE)

365. Theermoelectric Electricity Sources

366. Third-Brush Generators (Dynamo)

367. Transformers

 – Autotransformers (LV, HV)

 – Control Transformers

 – Converter Transformers (LV, HV)

 – Grounding Transformers

 – Instrument Transformers (Voltage, Current)

 – Isolation Transformerss

 – Rotary Transformers

 – Skott-T Transformers

 – Single-Phase Power Transformers (LV, HV Step-up and Step-down)

 – Three-Phase Power Transformers (LV, HV Step-up and Step-Down)

368. Transformer Protection Devices (TPD)

369. Turbo Electrical Generators (TEG)

370. Ultra High Voltage Components and Equipment (UHVCE)

371. Ultra High Voltage Converters (UHVC)

372. Ultra High Voltage Direct Current Components and Equipment (UHVDCCE)

373. Ultra High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines (UHVOHTL)

374. Ultra High Voltage Overhead Transmission Towers (UHVOO)

375. Ultra High Voltage Power Cables (UHVPC)

376. Ultra High Voltage Switchgear (UHVS)

377. Ultra High Voltage Transformers (UHVTR)

378. Ultra High Voltage Transformer Substations (UHVTS)

379. Ultra High Voltage Underground Lines (UHVUGL)

380. Ultra High Voltage Switchyards (UHVSY)

381. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Installations and Systems

382. Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB)

383. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

384. Variable Frequency Drive Transformers (VFDT)

385. Video Surveillance Accessories (VSA)

386. Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)

387. Video Walls (VW)

388. Voice Alarm Call Stations (VACS)

389. Voice Radio Systems (VRS)

390. Voltage Source Converter HVDC Stations (VSC HVDCS)

391. Voltage Stability in Transmission Lines (VSTL)

392. Wave Power Plants (WPP)

393. Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS)

394. Wildlife and Renewable Energy Sources (WLRES)

395. Windfarm Arrays (WFA)

396. Wind Power Generators (WPG)

398. Wind Power Plants (WPP)

399. Wind Turbines (WT)

Electricity production using the micro hydropower plants installed in small streams

List of different types of electrical installations

You can submit your project examples from practice with your photos. We prefer the rich illustrated works.

1.Electrical installations of family houses

2. Electrical installations of residential buildings

3. Electrical installations of factory halls

4. Electrical installations of service workshops

5. Electrical installations of hospitals

6. Electrical installations of open sports stadiums

7. Electrical installations of agricultural farms

8. Electrical installations of indoor sports halls

9. Electrical installations of cultural facilities

10. Electrical installations of opera houses and concert halls

11. Electrical installations of the theater

12. Electrical installations of cinemas

13. Electrical installations of the maritime port

14. Electrical installations of cranes and cranes

15. Electrical installations of elevators and elevators

16. Airport electrical installations

17. Metro electrical installations

18. Installations of electric locomotives

19. Railway wagon installations

20. Electrical installations of street and square lighting

21. Electrical installations of decorative lighting of buildings

22. Electrical installations of pit mines

23. Electrical installations of mines with surface exploitation of mineral raw materials

24. Electrical installations of recreation centers

25. Electrical installations of laboratories

26. Electrical installations of ironworks

27. Electrical installations of metal smelters

28. Pig fattening electrical installations

29. Electrical installations of cattle feedlots

30. Electrical installations of poultry feedlots

31. Electrical installations of oil and gas storage

32. Electrical installations of large shopping centers

33. Electrical installations of administrative buildings

34. Electrical heating installations

35. Electric cooling installations

36. Electrical installations of skyscrapers

37. Electrical installations of oil and gas refineries

38. Electrical installations of outdoor chemical plants

39. Electrical installations of drinking water plants

40. Electrical installations of pumping stations

41. Electrical installations of oil and gas facilities

42. Electrical installations of gas compressor stations

43. Electrical installations of compressor cooling plants

44. Electrical installations of ice production facilities

45. Electrical installations of plants for the production of artificial snow

46. Electrical installations of small ships and yachts

47. Marine electrical installations of passenger ships

48. Ship electrical installations of large cruise ships

49. Electrical installations of oil and gas tankers

50. Electrical installations of port piers

51. Electrical installations of port facilities for transshipment and loading of goods

52. Electrical installations of dairy factories

53. Electrical installations of dried meat factories

54. Electrical installations of large kitchens

55. Electrical installations of large bakeries

56. Electrical installations of sports and Olympic swimming pools

57. Electrical installations of school buildings

58. Electrical installations of electrostatic filters for flue gas purification

59. Electrical installations of fan plants

60. Electrical installations of large slaughterhouses and butchers

61. Aircraft electrical installations

62. Hotel electrical installations

63. Electrical installations of casinos

64. Crushing electrical installations

65. Electrical installations of public libraries

66. Museum electrical installations

67. Electrical installations of cable cars and ski lifts

68. Electrical installations of textile factories

69. Electrical installations of plastic products factories

70. Electrical installations of paper products factories

71. Electrical installations of workshops for the overhaul of railway vehicles

72. Electrical installations of workshops for the overhaul of heavy machinery

73. Electrical installations of irrigation systems

74. Electrical installations of grain silos

75. Electrical installations of silos for powdery materials

76. Electrical installations of silos for liquid materials

77. Electrical installations of printing houses

78. Lightning protection installations

79. Electrical installations of smelters

80. Foundry electrical installations

81. Rolling mill electrical installations

82. Electrical installations of forges

83. Electrical installations of foundries

84. Electrical installations of painters and paint shops

85. Galvanizing electrical installations

86. Electrical installations of cement factories

87. Electrical installations of factories of glass and glass products

88. Electrical installations of melting furnaces

89. Electrical installations of brick and tile factories

90. Electrical installations of distilleries

91. Electrical installations of electrolysis plants

92. Electrical installations of mechanical drying plants

93. Electrical installations of plants for the production of rubber and igume products

94. Electrical installations of heat treatment plants

95. Electrical installations of woodworking plants

96. Electrical installations of plants for the production of wooden products

97. Electrical installations of spinning plants

98. Electrical installations of textile weaving mills

99. Electrical installations of plants for beet processing and sugar production

100. Electrical installations of fruit and vegetable refrigerators

101. Electrical installations of plants for drying, fermentation of tobacco and production of cigarettes

102. Electrical installations of beer production plants

103. Electrical installations of plants for the production of fruit juices

104. Electrical installations of leather processing plants

105. Electrical installations for galvanostegy and electroplating

106. Electrical installations of trade warehouses

107. Electrical installations of health institutions

108. Electrical installations of shoe factories

109. Electrical installations of pharmaceutical factories

110. Electrical installations of airport runways

111. Electrical installations of mining machines for surface exploitation

112. Electrical installations of large construction machines

113. Electrical installations of cement factories

114. Electrical installations of the lime factory

115. Electrical installations material separation

116. Electrical installations of belt conveyors

117. Electrical installations of wastewater treatment plants

118. Electrical installations of waste processing and recycling facilities

119. Electrical installations of fan plants

120. Electrical installations of electric lighting

121. Electrical installations of decorative lighting

122. Electrical installations of video surveillance

123. Electrical installations of thermal devices

124. Direct current electrical installations

125. Electrical installations of oil and gas drilling rigs

126. Electrical installations of oil and drilling towers at sea

127. Electrical installations of drilling towers for drinking water

128. Electrical installations of oil and gas wells

129. Electrical installations of submarine oil and gas wells

130. Electrical installations of oil platforms

131. Electrical installations of oil and gas terminals

132. Electrical installations of oil desalters

133. Electrical installations of oil separators

134. Electrical installations of seawater desalination plants

135. Electrical installations of cathodic protection of oil and gas fields

136. Electrical installations of polar oil and gas fields

137. Electrical installations of submarine oil and gas fields

138. Electrical installations of glycol processing plants

139. Oil fields gas-lift compressors stations electrical installations

140. Electrical installations of drinking water pumping stations

141. Electrical installations of drinking water processing plants

142. Electrical installations of ship locks

143. Electrical installations of outdoor lighting

144. Smart electrical installations in residential buildings

145. Electrical lighting installations of traffic tunnels

146. Installations of airing (ventilation) of traffic tunnels

147. Railway station installations

148. Earthing installations

149. Railway electrical installations

150. Electrical installations of boiler houses for distance heating

151. Installations of emergency lighting

152. Telecommunication and signaling electrical installations

153. High-voltage installations for electric motor drives

154. Installations for voice notification and alerting

155. Gas detection installations

156. Installations for automatic fire alarm

157. Video surveillance system installations

158. Access control system installations

159. Oil fields gas-lift compressor stations electrical installations

160. Gas Pipeline Electrical Installations

161. Oil Pipeline Electrical Installations

162. Low-voltage installations for electric motor drives

163. Electrical installations of mines with underground exploitation

163. Electric arc furnace electrical installations

164. Vacuum Furnace Electrical Installations

165.Wet Crude Oil Treatment Plant Electrical Installations

166. Glycol Dehydration Plant Electrical Installations

167. Cryogenic Distillation Natural Gas Plant Electrical Installations

168. Natural Gas Sweeptening Plant Electrical Installations

169. Dehydrator Crude Oil Electrical Installations

170. Liquid Natural Gas Plants Electrical Installations

171. Oil and Gas Gathering Plants Electrical Installations

172. Floating Liquid Natural Gas Plants Electrical Installations

173. Offshore Gas Fields Electrical Installations

174. Onshore Liquid Natural Gas Plants Electrical Installations

175. Petroleum Refining Plants Electrical Installations

176. Oil and Gas Separation Plants Electrical Installations

177. Oil and Gas Water Treatment Plants Electrical Installations

178. Waste Oil Recycling Plants Electrical Installations

179. Ship Lock Electrical Installations

180. Crude Oil Distillation Plants Electrical Installations

181. Crude Oil Separation Plants Electrical Installations

182. Crude Oil Treatment Plants Electrical Installations

183. Cement Plants Electrical Installations

184. Coal Separation Plant Electrical Installations

185. Mineral Ore Processing Plant Electrical Installations

186. Metallurgical Furnace Electrical Installations

187. Desalting Electrostatic Threaters Electrical Installations

188. Fractional Distiller Crude Oil Electrical Installations

189. Electrostatic Crude Oil Plants Electrical Installations

190. Clinker Manufacturing Plants Electrical Installations

191. Oil Desalting Plants Electrical Installations

192. Post Telephone and Telegraph Buildings Installations

193. Computers Installations

194. Central Antenna System Installations

195. Installations of Common Antenna Systems for Receiving Eearth’s and Satellite Signals

196. Building Controlling System Installations

197. Electrical Installations of Banks and Financial Institutions

198. Data Centers Installations

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