3. AC Circuits – Parallel Extended AC Circuits

Author: Radoje Jankovic PARALLEL EXTENDED AC CIRCUITS (PEC) In this group of AC electrical circuits we have 19 subgroups; PEC-1 to PEC-19 each containing a corresponding number of circuits. This group is based according the Group BPC-2 to BPC-8.5. Group PEC-1. PEC-1.1. Fig. 29. PEC – 1.1.  (R + L││R2 ││ L2 or ZL ││ […]

2. AC circuits – Basic Parallel AC Circuits

Author: Radoje Jankovic BASIC PARALLEL CONNECTIONS OF PURE AND REAL R, L & C COMPONENTS IN AC CIRCUITS Group BPC-2. BPC-2.1. Fig. 1. BPC -2.1. R││(R + L) or R││ZL Main equations: Admittance Impedance Current Power and angle of power factor Voltage drops in parallel branch BPC-2. 2. Fig. 2. BPC -2.2. L││(R + L) […]

1. AC circuits – General

Author: Radoje Jankovic. Fig. 1. Typical series RLC circuit AC CIRCUITS INTRODUCTORY EXPLANATIONS What is an Electric Circuit? An electrical circuit is any circuit that has at least one ideal or real electrical element (resistor, capacitor or coil) and is connected to an electrical source; direct current source or alternating current source. This kind of circuit is […]