Lightning strikes in the tree and consequences…

Lightning strikes in the tree and consequences… A case  from, August, 2019.  Edited for Portal  by Radoje Jankovic  Photos: Oliver Damjanic Today I was with a friend to check the insulation resistance of the measuring cabinet to the switch cabinet in the house after a lightning strike. Lightning struck a tree about 100m away from […]

Atmospheric Electricity Works

By Radoje Jankovic Photos from my friends and from various Internet pages Some examples of everyday lightning strikes happening around the world In this appendix, I will show, with photos, illustrated examples of the everyday effects of atmospheric electrical discharge in the atmosphere. I will only give short descriptions, because the photo itself says enough. […]

Atmospheric discharges and lightning

Edited by: Radoje Jankovic.  Pictures from my friend: Djole Stanimirovic.  06/27/2019. During heavy storms, thunder and lightning must be very careful. Before hitting the thunder in an object, you first see a lightning whose light has a speed of 300,000 km / s. while the sound velocity is about 340 m / s … that’s why […]