AC Voltmeter with Mowing Iron Mechanism

Author and photos: Radoje Jankovic Voltmeter with mowing iron mnechanism and three measuring range for measuring voltage.  Details of construction.  It is not recommended that such precision instruments are broken down and folded if you do not have a good practical experience.  This can only be done by experienced professionals and experts in measuring instruments. […]

Questions With Answers – Electrical Measurements

Author: Radoje Jankovic Question 1. What are electromagnetic instruments? Answer:  Electromagnetic instruments are instruments whose functioning is based on the attractive force between the magnet and the coil through which flows the measured current. Question 2.  Explain the difference between the instrument and the galvanometer moving coil! Answer:  Galvanometer is very precise measuring instrument with moving coil. Scale with most of the galvanometer is […]

DC Ammeter, 20 – 0 – 20 ADC.

Author: Radoje Jankovic The figures show details ammeter measuring system for measuring the DC current with zero in the middle of the scale and scope of the industry 20 – 0 – 20 ADC. The movement system is very accurate, but this instrument can be used to create highly accurate galvanometer with one or more of range. It can also be […]

Electrical measuring instruments

Mega ohmmeter with inductor and moving coil mechanism Author: Radoje Jankovic Here are presented hand drawn drawings by author of one mega ohmmeter, instrument for measuring of insulation resistance.