For Colleagues Who do Not Have an Opportunity to do this in Practice for Students and Their Professors…

Author: Radoje Jankovic Photos of my colleagues Adnan Dudic and Sumedin Lušija. For CollegesWho do Not Have an Opportunity to this in Practice for Students and Their Professors… One brief overview of the large DC motors of Westingouse’s production in the ironworks, the rolling mill in Zenica during the revitalization of old electrical More...

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Electric machines Practice test question

Author: Radoje Jankovic Photos from my friend winders 1. Winder rewound this small collector rotor. In this picture you see one work operation performed by a winder. What is a work operation and why is More...

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DC motors connection schemes

Author and drawing: Radoje Jankovic Old letter designations for DC machines: 1. A – B, inductor windings, rotors 2. C – D, parallel stator coils of main poles 3. E – F, regular stator coils More...

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Illustrated Rewinding the Rotor of Small Universal Motor

Author: Radoje Jankovic Here is illustrated procedure for rewinding the rotor of small universal AC motor. The photos are from my friend rewinder of electrical machines and other devices. Before taking More...

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DC Motors a Little From Practice

Cross section of a DC motor with four main poles and four auxiliary poles. Second figure shows connection diagram of motor winding and leads for connecting to DC busbars. Russian manufacture. From Jankovic’s More...

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Some Practice About Repairing of Power Transformers

Author & Photos: Radoje Jankovic A. Questions: 1. What showing this figure? 2. What is the purpose of this electrical device? 3. What is name of the part in grey color? What material More...

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Illustrated Test Questions

Author of photos and questions: Radoje Jankovic 1. a.  What shows this photo? b. Describe in details. 2. a.  What is shown in this photo? b. Name all parts in the right side device ! Name the More...

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Some solved practical problems of transformers

Author: Radoje Jankovic About the Author: Radoje Jankovic. Electrician, Technician, Electrical Engineer, PhD, Ecologist, Environmentalist, Engineering Writer, Designer, Educator… Massive More...