Principal single-line schemes of motor starter combinations

Author: Radoje Jankovic All schemes are adopted from a catalog. A. Motor-starter combinations of type „1“ & type „2“ coordination Motor-starter for single direction of rotation This motor starter consist of a circuit breaker or motor-protective circuit breaker and contactor. 2. Motor-starter  combination This DOL motor-starter consist of the following elements: circuit breaker or motor-protective […]

Complete Symbol Circuits of Electrical Devices According IEC Standards

Author: Radoje Jankovic Here are presented the complete practical circuits diagrams of various electrical device according IEC Standards. I am selected from my technical documentation and archive. These circuit symbols are in use for designers documentation for electrical schemes and circuits. Symbol circuit of a resistor 2. Symbol circuit of voltmeter 3. Symbol circuit of […]

Practical Solving Problems for Electrical Schemes Using IEC Graphical Symbols

Author: Radoje Jankovic I am here presented a dozen practical problems for solving the electrical schemes using the IEC graphical symbols. All problems are clear and light for solving with basic knowledge of electrical circuits. Problem 1. Here we see a diagram showing the connection of one ammeter to measure the current intensity  in each […]

Electrical Schemes in Practice

Author: Radoje Jankovic In this article author presents dozen electrical schemes from practice with short description. All circuits are in accordance with IEC Standards. Scheme 1. A typical single-line diagram of a single-phase feeder with a three-pole circuit breaker applied. This feeder is from three-phase low voltage buses of an electrical cabinet, and with a 4th […]

Single Line Diagram Problems

Author: Radoje Jankovic Problem 1. Using elements from below figures draw the complete medium voltage single line diagram of one typical feeder, per example for power transformer. Problem 2. With the element given in the next figures draw the complete one-pole diagram of a typical feeder for a high-voltage three-phase asynchronous electric motor.  Problem 3. […]

Single Line Circuit Diagrams From Practice

Author: Radoje Jankovic Here are shown various typical single line diagrams from practice usable for everyone. Diag. 1. Typical single-line diagram of incoming feeder 3×400/3×230 V and one outgoing feeder 3×400 V.  H1-3 three signal lamps for signaling the incoming voltage. Diag. 2. A typical single-line scheme of a low-voltage three-phase feeder. The part labeled 103 […]

Test Questions From Practice

Author: Radoje Jankovic Q.1 What shows this circuit? Describe! Q.2 Draw the logic circuit diagram for this electrical circuit! Q. 3. What is signed with #2.5² ? Q. 4. What shows this figure? Q. 5. What shows this figure? Q.6. What is representing this circuit diagram? Q. 7. What representing this circuit diagram? Q. 8. […]