HIGH VOLTAGE OVERHEAD LINES WITH SELF-SUPPORTING CABLES Making of 10 kV joint on air self-supporting cable in winter conditions. As can be seen from the pictures, the installers had to lift a gas gas bottle to the top of the stairs to finish the job, instead of a service car crane with a basket, and […]

” The Kiss of Life ”.

Jankovic borrowed from a site. This photo was taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito, which was called ” The Kiss of Life ”. The photo shows worker JD Thompson giving artificial respiration to his colleague, Randall G. Champion, who fainted on a bandage. They made the usual check when the Champion touched one of the […]

Some of Safety Rules for Overhead Lines

Author: Radoje Jankovic The photos are from my friends. Here are some of main safety rules for overhead lines. Nobody should climb any tower carrying live overhead conductors. 2. Cows or other domestic animals should not be tied with any tower legs and stay wires. 3. Nobody should be allowed to throw any metallic strip, […]